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“I love how simple guilt free eating is for my whole family to experience without feeling like I am on a diet.” 



West Auckland, NZ

I wanted to work with Catherine and learn how to nourish my lifestyle and eat guilt free because I wanted to find an approach of taking better care of myself that would last. Once I learned the science of satisfaction and Catherine taught me how to adjust the formula to meet my lifestyle needs I began feeling better almost instantly.

I have more energy and I am in control of my eating still a couple of years after i worked with Catherine.
One bonus I didn't account for before working with Catherine was how her wealth of knowledge on how to simplify eating for real life has helped me shift my perspective permanently.

The benefits I have gained from learning how to nourish my lifestyle and eat guilt free include fantastic energy, improved health and fitness AND the mindset around eating that has flowed onto every other aspect of my life. As a by product of all of this weight loss also has happened without the push and effort of diets or programmes that I had tried before. ​

I deal with stress better and now I know how to eat when life shows up and decides to throw me a curve ball. I work full time as well as being a mother to three growing teenagers so life can get pretty hectic. It is so nice knowing that my whole family benefits from the consultations I have done with Catherine. I am so pleased I can teach my kids the same principles of self care so my daughter never will do a diet throughout her life.


“I love how eating guilt free is tailored to my vegetarian tastes and my busy lifestyle as a radio host.” 



Central Auckland, NZ

After hearing Catherine speak at an event I knew I had to get advice from her because I was told I had to be vegetarian to be healthy and get results. I do prefer to eat mostly vegetarian and Catherine showed me where I was missing things in my eating so I was more balanced. ​


Regular feedback and great non judgemental advice was so helpful and I didn't ever feel like I had to work anything out myself which made it a no brainer. I still had freedom from pre packaged foods and the recipes were so quick and easy. I never had to worry I was getting enough or the right nutrients. I have better skin, I have lost weight and kept it off, my measurements have shifted and now know how to fuel the body for what I need. I am so glad I don't have to drop carbs completely and know the truth about what food does when I eat it. I can still have the food I used to call bad but I now know how to balance it and change the way I label it and my relationship with the redundant foods. I have never felt so full and satisfied under a nutritionists advice before.

“I love how guilt free eating can be personalised to me and my social lifestyle.” 



Central Auckland, NZ

I found working with Catherine online a breeze because she was friendly, non judgemental and adapted my eating regime to my lifestyle which is very social. I have learned that eating is a science itself but better still the science of satisfaction can be adapted to my personal situation which means I don't have to cut out drinking alcohol, I can still choose what I like off a menu and I don't feel guilty because I know how my body works so can make choices to balance what I like to eat and drink. I have now lost over 10kg and I am still continuing to lose weight by knowing what I personally need. I love the fact that there is not a NO, when I have found doing other diets to have lots of restrictions, no coffee, no alcohol, no bread, others have you buying special meals, but when you have a family as well you don't want to have to treat yourself any differently.

“Guilt Free Eating helped me beat Chronic Fatigue even through thousands of earthquakes.” 



Kaiapoi, NZ

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a result of Glandular Fever within the same year.  The doctors told me there was nothing they could do for me and was told it could take years to feel improvement. 

I was physically inactive because I was physically exhausted all the time.  I was always unhappy with my body weight but became interested in applying to work with Catherine and see if she could help my energy.

Catherine taught me the science of satisfaction and how it applied to my lifestyle and me personally.  I had increased energy and it gave me hope that perhaps I could get well again, despite what I had been told by my doctor. 

She taught me how to cater my eating to my lifestyle, likes, dislikes and dietary requirements.  I didn't have to go without those things I love! 

Catherine showed me how to adjust a few simple things in my daily food routine for including things like going to cafes and eating with two daughters. I gained so much energy I could start exercising again when before knowing how to eat for my lifestyle I would just crash and be on bed rest.

Catherine was motivating and encouraging and I felt like she really cared about my progress for my sake.  I never once felt alone in the process at any stage.  

I have lost three dress sizes in total and eight years later (and now with two daughters)  I am feeling so much better within myself and the Chronic Fatigue is now non-existent.  My doctor even asked me what changes I had made and the name of my nutritionist as he was so impressed with my progress.

What surprised me the most was that I am actually busier these days with two daughters and have been through thousands of earthquakes living in Christchurch yet I have never gone back to how I was eight years ago. Coaching with Catherine has been literally life changing.  

I truly believe it is the way I am eating and catherine taught me how to read my body for what it needs and to balance it. It also has meant I don't fall back into exhaustion especially with being a busy mother. 

I definitely recommend working with Catherine to anyone serious about getting healthy permanently and getting the freedom back from what they eat.  I can't express strongly enough how grateful I am for the knowledge I have gained from learning how to eat guilt free.  It has changed my attitude to food and this is a big change from the person who eight years ago, who found it a struggle to even walk for 10 minutes without getting tired!

“I loved how guilt free eating taught me how I could still enjoy the foods I love, be healthy and no longer feel guilty.” 



Sunshine Coast, AU

I loved how I learned about how my body worked and how I needed to balance normal every day foods. It made it easy to stick to with working late nights and I found I had so much more energy and was eating more. 

It was easy to keep results over Christmas when I was doing radio work at Rhythm and Vines and drinking alcohol. It totally opened my mind to the way I used to eat and I found the eating guide that was designed for me so easy to follow because it built around my lifestyle rather than me having to change it. 

No longer do I have to stress if I eat foods I would normally feel guilty about because I know how to balance them at the next meal.  I knew what to do but I wasn't doing it and Catherine showed me simply what to add in rather than to completely change so I can keep on doing it without her. 

“I love that guilt free eating suited my lifestyle as a busy working Mum.” 



Auckland Central, NZ

I was finding it hard to lose the post baby weight on my own. I was comfort eating and snacking and not getting much exercise apart from walking.  I felt tired and unmotivated.  Getting up to a baby in the night left me exhausted and I needed some help and motivation to get going.  Catherine helped support me to find a way of eating that worked for me being a mum and I didn't have to eat separately to my family. 

I have much more energy and can enjoy the evenings with my partner without falling asleep on the couch.  I am so happy I have found a way that works for just me and don't ever need to diet or follow another programme.  It is more about changing things around a bit and adding things in so that you can eat and drink the things that you want.  We can  still go to the restaurants that we want and join in at kids parties for some party food without feeling like I have failed. I can totally recommend Catherine to help you find the way of eating that will be personalised to you and it works! 

“I love how learning to eat guilt free means shopping for new clothes is now fun.” 





I enjoyed the personalised service with having Catherine at my finger tips to ask any questions about my eating.  You feel like a VIP with fast responses online from Catherine online three times a week via my own private food diary. 

I have now lost 8kg by following Catherine's advice that is personalised to me. I moved to Melbourne and was still able to get great advice because the online food diary works anywhere.  I recently did a 6 week trip around Europe where I was able to still explore all it had to offer (including the large beers and all the pastries!). I also feel the difference when I run, snowboard and now love going shopping for clothes! It's nice having to wear the a smaller clothing size  from where I was before plus after everyone starts noticing and complimenting just when you forget you even learned how to eat in the first place. Its too easy.

“I loved how guilt free eating caters for my gluten free lifestyle.” 



North Shore 

Auckland, NZ

Catherine is fantastic for accountability and I love that I can come and go as I need to get a review of my eating when I feel I am not as aligned as I would like. 

I love the guilt free breakfasts, lunches and dinner recipes because they are adjustable for being gluten free (for me and my children can have the meals the standard way) so I don't have to think of two meals. The recipes are really easy and my whole family can eat the same as me with out having to be gluten free. I also love my personalised eating guide because my guide is colour coded to swap foods around to suit my portions. 

“I love how learning how to eat guilt free works for my busy lifestyle"



Tauranga, NZ

I loved getting advice from Catherine - she is knowledgable and has taught me so much about how the body works.  It is not like a programme it just feels like you have  friend at the other end of computer (and phone) giving you feedback about how to balance my lifestyle so I can stay well. I don't have to worry if I am not eating perfectly.  I also learnt about the effects certain foods had on my energy, and no longer experience the afternoon 'crash'. 

I really enjoy eating guilt free because it fits in with my busy life that used to include lots of travel and now my new baby.  I soon learned there were no foods that were 'bad' or 'off limits'. I learnt that with by adjusting what I ate before or after eating certain foods, I could enjoy whatever foods I wanted.  I also liked that I could get results and a boost in energy without having to go to the gym for hours every week.

“I love the accountability of the guilt free food school and that Catherine is available to answer questions each day." 



West Auckland, NZ

The most surprising result was the end of my sugar cravings which stopped in less than two weeks.  I've always had a very sweet tooth and this was the first time I ever remember having a block of chocolate in the fridge for several days and not even being tempted to have a piece.  

Guilt free meals are really tasty and the recipes are simple to follow.   I like the accountability of having catherine on hand via messenger to help me stay on track. 

My advice fits in with me studying part-time while working full-time and like most people when life gets busy healthy habits are the first thing to suffer, by grabbing convenience food and skipping exercise to spend more time on studying.  I no longer feel uncomfortable in my clothes and have enough energy for work and what life throws at me.  

“I loved that guilt free eating shifted the way I look at food and removed my ON/OFF approach to healthy eating while putting the fun back in cooking." 



Howick Auckland, NZ

I loved the knowledge that I was being supported during the new learning process to me it seemed like a lot of food to eat in a day but once I got used to what I needed it really did make sense because I started having more energy and seeing results.

The best results have been my health is better and of course my clothes look and feel a lot better. I have a long way to go yet but with still learning portion size its going to be a while before its second nature as bad habits are hard to break but Catherine is always there as a reminder which is so helpful.  I am so glad I don't feel like I have to be perfect anymore. I am so glad I don't ever have to diet again and I understand the difference between nourishment and eating healthy.

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