Why Do We Feel Like Eating Unhealthy Food?

Have you ever wondered why you derail and feel like unhealthy food? 


It is usually an emotional response to feeling in lack. When we feel fear, anger, loss, separation, frustration and grief it is natural to feel a sense of being out of control.

Our natural path of least resistance is to find a way to control how we feel. 


This can be by wanting to isolate ourselves, taking it out on others or for most of us through controlling the way that we eat.


Firstly we have been conditioned through our upbringing, media and our external environment to have certain beliefs about food.  


Sugar for example is the most discriminated nutrient next to carbohydrates. We feel the need to justify when we eat something sweet and often judge ourselves when we do. 


The issue with this is that sugar is actually unavoidable.

You can’t separate sugar from your life because biochemically creates glucose when your body is in fight or flight. 


Our words are our wand and we need to be mindful that we fully understand how sugar works before assuming that cutting it out is going to solve the sugar consumption issue. 


Secondly we also have a subconscious human conditioning to feel in control to feel safe.

As I have written about in my book “Wet Your Appetite” - The Secret to Eating Guilt Free. Sugar is not the enemy.

It is our emotions and how satisfied we feel after a meal that determines whether we consume it.


For the last 14 years I have been showing people that when they are satisfied they don't feel like sugar any more.

You may find that you are experiencing this first hand with recent events that have happened here in Christchurch regardless where you are reading this from. 


You might have noticed that you are feeling like foods that you haven’t eaten in awhile or you need for carbohydrates or sweet food before, after or between meals has suddenly increased for no apparent reason. 


It’s just how your operating system works. 


When you feel fear, insecurity, lack or depressed your body naturally gravitates to the food that is high in sugar or flour (what I have labelled the dry carbohydrates).


Healthy food is more complicated for the body to process when it is in fight or flight. your body wants instant energy. A cup of coffee or tea that provides you with caffeine will cause your body to indirectly release glucose for an energy hit. 


Food that is made of a lot of sugar or flour is much easier for the digestive system to process in the wake of fear, frustration, trauma, depression or loss.  It doesn't provide you with sustained energy however. 


Unfortunately these foods also create a negative feedback loop. They help you to feel good for a little while until your blood sugars drop and then you are back to feeling rubbish again.  


Dry carbohydrate consumption isn’t here to make you feel guilty.

It’s here to help you see it for what it is.

Like an alarm on your phone - a wake up call that you body is needing more care, more nourishment and more love right now. 


It’s a message from your headquarters that something is missing and you’re feeling dissatisfied. 


Feeling guilty about it only ends up in further self sabotage and keeping the instant energy cycle running. .


So if you have felt like this recently.

It is okay - it is normal.

Its part of your human operating system to help you to feel safe. 


The best way to feel back on track is to understand how your emotions influence your eating, what food you need in each meal to help you feel satisfied and create meals that are simple, easy and healthy during times of grief, loss or fear. 


All the guilt free recipes are designed for satisfying you during times of busyness and chaos.

They have help me survive, avoid needing a doctors visit and giving me the energy to rebuild my life over the last four years of solo parenting.   They have helped me stay healthy and help satisfy my three year old son, Charlie.  


To learn more about joining the guilt free food school for Autumn and receiving your cook book FREE - click here







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