Do you Improve Your Mood with Food?

Eating is one part of life we can’t get away from.

Food is fuel,

it is nourishment and it is also what can nurture us.

I had consulted as a nutritionist for five years when I unexpectedly fell pregnant. with Charlie. 

I knew that the path ahead would be a challenging one if I chose to be a mother how ever I didn’t fully understand how much I was going to grow emotionally.

I also quickly learned how much our emotional well being impacts our eating rather than the other way around which I had taught for years. 


The fact a woman’s body can create life is incredible.

It is also ironic that during pregnancy we focus intently on creating a happy healthy home for our growing child and prioritise this throughout out their life on the outside of the womb too.  

Yet, when it comes to our own health and well being we can often put it on the back burner until the children leave home. 

We take the world on our shoulders and try to achieve everything ourselves. The cooking, the cleaning, the nurturing, the teaching and for some of us the finances too. 

Over the past four years I have really come to learn the true essence of what a ‘healthy balance’ really feels like.

I've been forced to ask for help, forced to surrender to what life throws at me and also created a damn good simple solution for eating that saves time, saves money and suits us busy people. 


It is such a great way of nourishing our lifestyie. 

As a parent there are so many balls to juggle and nourishing the household is a very important one.   

At a time when we feel emotionally challenged being satisfied is incredibly important not just for parents but also the children.

Eating affects our mood, our energy, our health and all of our life outcomes.

Parenthood has been the best learning ground. All the knowledge in the world doesn’t actually help until we experience it for ourselves.

This is much like our eating. We all know what we need to do, we know what is healthy and what is helpful yet why do we struggle to apply it consistently?

Sure the diets, programmes and plans work for a while but there is always the pattern of falling "off the wagon".

This is because you haven’t identified what your eating beliefs are and why you gravitate to certain foods that can leave you feeling guilty after wards.

Until you understand what you TRULY love to eat and why you like it then you will never be able to balance your health and wellness consistently.

It is easy to jump on the next fad diet or way of eating to get healthy but the result will still follow your same pattern from the last one, eventually.

Well until you learn how to eat guilt free. 

It all started back when you were young and were learning how life works. What was safe and what didn't feel good.  

Your external environment mapped your belief systems for decades to come. Your outlet as a result of needing to feel in control was your food – the way that you eat.

Whether we are three years old or 83 years old our path of least resistance to feeling safe is our food intake. 

Diets fulfill the need to feel in control.

They give you a sense of structure to ‘stick to’ to feel safe. Yet they are not teaching you how to adapt to how you feel in any given moment, unfortunately.

The food that makes you feel guilty is really just food.

It is often flour based and because society has told you ‘flour is bad’ you immediately feel guilty instead of joy once you have eaten it.

Sure, too much dry food is not helpful to your digestion as it clogs it up and creates an immune response but it is possible to have the best of both when you eat guilt free. 

Retraining your mind when it comes to the food you eat is the only way you get to have the best of both worlds.

In fact when you uncover your belief system and identify how to feel satisfied mentally, physically and emotionally then you feel less inclined to snack and less inclined to reach for the foods that make you feel guilty.

Eating guilt free is simple. 

You get to choose what to eat on your terms rather than needing it as an emotional support system.

You have a range of emotions from fear, guilty, grief at the lower end up to joy, satisfaction, love at the other end.

As humans we are naturally emotional beings and emotions play a key part in how we eat through how we feel.

Getting the balance comes from not only balancing your blood sugars but also understanding yourself on an emotional level.

Something a diet will simply cover up rather than fix permanently.

You can choose to band aid your patterns and keep going around on the same merry go round or you can choose to be satisfied so you never have to follow a healthy eating plan again.

That choice is up to you.


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