The most important ingredient you need to stay satisfied


What I have observed over my years of advising and teaching hundreds of people of all ages is that there seems to be two distinct definitions around people who like food.


The first group love food for the flavour, taste, social element and the joy it brings to their taste buds (that’s me!).


The second group would love to enjoy their food however feels guilty when they eat the food they love for hours and days later (yes – those days later when you stand on the scales and judge yourself).


It is this divide that is creating a disconnect in how we enjoy food. Diets and healthy eating programmes have become so political that people no longer trust themselves how to create simple satisfying meals  for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


It scares me what this is then teaching the younger generation.  


In the 1950’s it was a society norm that the mother stayed home and looked after the children and was responsible for the evening meal.


However, we have moved in leaps and bounds in the food world over the last 50 years and accelerated our taste catalogue especially during the last 10 years with the age of the internet, smart phones and reality TV cooking shows.


Unless of course you hate the idea of cooking because it is one more thing on the to do list and it feels like a chore.


Whatever your beliefs about cooking (and eating) there are common denominators between the two groups. Everyone would like to reduce their food cost, be healthy and (most importantly) feel satisfied.


Over the past four years I have been thrown into the firing to line to fully test out whether it is possible to achieve all of these things with the resistance of eating in a family environment.  


The greatest thing I have been reminded about during motherhood and being a food teacher to my three year old son is ONE SIZE will never fits all.


So how do you find balance without making more than one meal or having food wars with children?


Every human being has their own desires and taste preferences that need to be acknowledged.  This is why I have created recipes that are flexible to all ages and taste preferences.


I have been passionately against ‘diets’ and any disciplinary healthy eating programme my whole life. When I was a little girl I watched my mother and other women cripple their self esteem over attempting to ‘stick to’ diets to ditch their post baby body weight.


In fact, I wrote a detox diet with all my science knowledge in 2012 and decided not to share it because it actually drove my taste buds to boredom and it wasn’t me.   I knew there had to be an easy way of ‘having our cake and eating it’.


This is why when I work with my clients I work with them and no food is necessarily off limits, unless you choose. Our food preferences and tastes tell us so much about ourselves. Food is one element that brings us together and helps us connect with others too.


Identifying why you love the foods you choose is the most important ingredient in your recipe for satisfaction.


Sure, I have created over 200 recipes that scientifically balance your blood sugars but they are all adaptable to be created your way to suit the mouths you are feeding.


So that you feel fuller for longer and you can give yourself permission to eat what you LOVE!


What about the sugar hype? The trending diets like keto and paleo?


Hey, don’t let me stop you following those regimes if you love them and they are working for you.

However, I suspect that if you are reading this blog you would LOVE to eat the food that makes your taste buds sing without that guilt angel jumping on your shoulder an hour after you enjoyed that delicious baking or hot chips without any unhealthy consequences.


Is it unethical of me to be teaching you this way as a health professional?


Short answer is no.


Guilt free guidance has helped clients reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, lose body weight, reversed type two diabetes and at a more simplistic level – helped tummies of all ages feel satisfied.


I focus on what you enjoy at the same time as adding value to your meals nutritionally.

I have created over 200 classic family recipes using the science of satisfaction formula so that your tastes buds and your appetite feel fuller for longer (and the other tummies at your place do too).


You might have heard it is all about moderation. Well, balance is the new moderation.


So, what does balance look like?


When you have the four key elements in each of your meals your blood sugars are more stable and you are less likely to feel like grazing or snacks between meals.


These four guilt free elements ensure you have the necessary balance of fibre, water content, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals in each of your meals.


They come together to create ‘the science of satisfaction’ that lowers the glycemic impact of the meal. This means that your energy is more stable throughout the day and you feel less like sugar between meals. 


Allowing your body to drip feed your meal into your blood stream instead of giving you a sugar dump.


You can also save on the cost of your food bill because they four elements ensure you nourish your body with what you need and results in food from packets.


The recipe methods are so simple a twelve year old can follow them and this usually means they also want to eat their own cooking. What a great way of subtly passing on how to cook healthy on a budget to your children.


The guilt free food school is so much more than an online portal for recipes. It teaches you ways to create satisfying meals that your whole family can enjoy and benefit from.


If you prefer some one to one attention to shift your body weight or get healthier then you can also upgrade and have a personalised one to one session with me where ever you live.


Subscribe to the food school now for only $49 NZD per month (and you cancel any time if you desire) click here to get started.


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