How to feel more satisfied from what you eat guilt free

January 18, 2019

Healthy eating is painted as black and white – right or wrong, good or bad.


No surprise – guilt follows when your eating doesn’t fit the ‘right’ box.


In reality (and literally) food is full of colour, diversity, culture, taste and flavour. So why has the health and wellness world boxed eating into a good or bad practice?


One word. Control.


It is easier to follow a system than to have choice. However when a system is rigid without flexibility it well break.  


Choice creates variety, flexibility and no surprise, variety creates satisfaction.

This is the missing link in diets.




You don’t get a choice how you feel satisfied. You follow a plan for a desired outcome.


However, you are an individual with specific tastes and preferences. Ordering from a restaurant or café menu is a great example of how varied a person’s preferences can be.


When you were young you knew what you liked and wanted until someone told you that you ‘can’t’ have that. Usually because of the beliefs that were in their head.


The adults in your younger years have created your beliefs and what you believe about freedom of choice in your adult years.


Being satisfied is multifaceted. You need to feel full and satisfied not just nutritionally but also emotionally, mentally as well as physically.


Wow – that sounds complex right?


Well its not.


Satisfaction from your meals starts with balancing your blood sugars. When you blood sugars are stable it sends a message to your brain that you ‘are safe’. This then sends a message to your digestive system that it ‘is safe’ to digest, absorb and eliminate too.


Every choice you make comes back to whether you will feel safe and well.


So what about eating the food that tastes great but might not be so great for the body?  


Well as far as research goes no one has died over eating their nanas baking.


Every food is made up of a whole lot of components. Eating foods that are closest to their natural form are most helpful of course and combining them with foods that balance your appetite.


Eating is about balance. It is about enjoyment.


When you eat food that makes you feel good - you feel well. Just look at France and Italy they have one of the longest life expectancies with on average 30 people out of 100, 000 making it to 100 years old. Yet their cuisine is full of the food we feel guilty about in the west.


The issue is we listen to the voices in our head about what we hear, what we read and what we feel.  


As children we knew how to get our needs met and what satisfied us. The photo attached to this blog is ME - I have always loved food (circa 1986) 




Now I am a parent I know how stressful it feels when a child’s needs are not met.


Whether they are a toddler or a teenager they will find ways to get their basic needs met either through crying, a tantrum, emotional reaction and getting creative to get an adult’s attention.


So, first stop. What you believe about will determine your satisfaction.


So what do you believe? How do you know it is right?   


The food you eat is secondary when it comes to feeling satisfied and healthy permanently.  


When you feel satisfied, you feel safe. Safe to digest, safe to heal and safe to create.


This might be creating a  business, creating a baby, creating a healthy body or simply creating a great tasting meal for dinner.


When your central nervous system isn’t in constant fight or flight then you can create anything you desire.


I have experienced this first hand the last four years with raising a child on my own, writing my book and creating over 200 recipes for four cook books while rebuilding a business that brings me joy as well as paying the bills.  I needed to feel satisfied to be able to create all of that.


Like anything in life. It requires finding a balance.


The balance of the fundementals first water, then food and shelter. Your body needs food that fuels your body successfully without feeling hungry and in lack.


Balance the choice of the food you eat so you feel mentally satisfied and have energy to get through your to do list.


The other aspect of good health and wellness comes from finding flow. It is merely impossible to be a ‘perfect eater’. What does that even mean, anyway?  


Again, it will come back to the beliefs you carry and the expectations you have about being healthy.


It doesn’t need to be complex, difficult and linear.


Meeting your needs nutritionally is very simple. I have created a very simple way of balancing your meals so that they can flex and flow with your lifestyle. Every meal in the guilt free food school uses this method so you don’t have to do anything thinking.


Your body is no different to the meals you make. As the saying goes you are what you eat. Hence it is important to optimise your meals with over 65% water content.


Your body requires the same elements in every meal so you feel satisfied for longer. These elements include, water, fibre, vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, flavour and yes even carbohydrates!


The flavour of your meal also requires balance. You need to have a little acid, sweet, savoury, bitter and saltiness to achieve a balanced meal. Ask any chef and they will agree.


Just like any recipe there is a method to feeling satisfied. Part of it is the food you eat and the other two parts are ensuring you feel satisfied emotionally and mentally too.   


When I work with you privately we address these three areas of satisfaction to get you permanent results. Once I address what areas need balance we start working on aligning your satisfaction.

It starts with satisfying you nutritionally and then observing what shows up once you are.


This is when your beliefs will sift to the surface. Life can throw you curve balls and this is also an indicator of how your central nervous system is operating.


When your central nervous system is balanced and satisfied that is when your body feels safe to release body fat and also safe to heal.


The challenge we face with balancing the central nervous system (which then consequently affects our appetite) is that there are a number of factors pulling on life balance. Here is a list of different

lifestyle factors that can impact your satisfaction:

  1. Sleep.

  2. Your thoughts and beliefs.

  3. The balance of your meals.

  4. Your hydration levels.

  5. Feeling safe emotionally.

  6. Work stress and overwhelm.

  7. Worry or anxiety.

  8. Relationship tension.

  9. Excess alcohol and caffeine consumption.

  10. Busy lifestyle – cramming your to do list.

So you can see great health and well being is so much more than just the food you eat. It is easy to think about what your desires are at this time of year because there is usually a little less tension pulling on your central nervous system.  


If you would like to have a satisfaction ‘warrant of fitness’ I am available to fast track your satisfaction alignment. Book your initial consultation with me now. I work online with clients remotely via video conferencing so you can get qualified professional advice where ever in the world you are based.


When you have a personalised session with me in January you will also receive 30 days FREE in the guilt free food school so I can support your satisfaction after our session and also show you how to make deliciously balanced meals for everyone at your place.  CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOU APPOINTMENT

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