The Simple and Sustainable Way to Detox

The start of the year is a time when we take stock of where we are at in life and how we feel in our bodies. It is often the time we embark on giving something NEW a go and getting rid of things that no longer have a purpose in our life.


This year I invite you to look at how you feed your body.


Not just the food you put in your mouth but also the thoughts you are feeding your mind.

Great health and well-being are not just about the food you eat.


I have learned that first hand over the past three years with raising a little one on my own.  You already know what to do – so why don’t we do it?


Firstly, it’s too complicated to sustain and secondly your mind controls your outcomes and is your decision making centre.  


When you feel mentally challenged healthy eating can be the last thing you want to focus on – simply surviving is the priority.  However, the food you fuel your body with can alter how you think as well as how you feel when it carries a high-water content.




Yes. Water is crucial for the body. Your brain is over 80% water content. So, it is no surprise that when you haven’t optimized your hydration you can be less likely to sustain positive thinking.


Many years coaching as a sports nutritionist I observed the value of getting water content into your body cells to optimise the performance of the body.


Not only to achieve great results with exercise but also strengthening the mind in the last stages of iron man.  It is no different for our daily performance.


So many aspects of our lifestyle decrease our body water content and dry us out that we are not balancing.   


Consequently, so many parts of our body depend on it being hydrated.


The body needs to be 70% water content to operate effectively so it is no surprise that when we become even mildly dehydrated that our thoughts can go from positive to negative.


Water is also the key ingredient for detoxing. It helps to flush toxins out of your body.


The definition of detoxing is to “abstain from or rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.”

Your body can live without food longer that it can live without water.


Detoxing your mind and body is a great way of thinking more clearly.


However, the ‘classic’ detox where you live on soup and juices all day when you need energy to raise children can be very challenging to sustain.  


Detoxing does not need to be extreme to work. In fact, taking the principles of the ‘classic detox’ and applying them to your meals is a MUCH easier way to improve your health and well being all year around.  


The simple way of doing this is to increase the volume of water in your meals.


I show you how you can recreate your meals so that they do this in my book “Wet Your Appetite” – the secret to eating guilt free. When you become a guilt free food school member you can read an electronic PDF version of this book FREE.


I have created over 200 seasonal meals that are high in water content to help balance your operating system and helping move toxins out of your body during the digestion process is another benefit of eating guilt free.


The guilt free recipes keep you regular and help you feel lighter and more energized when you eat them. People also have reported that they have lost body fat from simply eating guilt free recipes.

Great health and well being needs to be simple.


If you don’t need to lose weight and just want to feel better and less bloated after the holiday season, then they are perfect to eat for everyone at your place. People that don’t need to lose weight can just eat more of them to keep their weight balanced.


So, when you are choosing to do a detox this January, I invite you to establish a NEW version of detox in 2019.


You can focus on decluttering your thoughts, your house, your lifestyle and your time table and I let me take care of the food side of things.


Therefore, I created the guilt free food school.


A place where you can be supported throughout the year to feel your best and get those desired results you’ve always wanted.  


Detoxes are temporary eating guilt free is sustainable all year round. You decide what is right for you.


See you in the guilt free food school if you are ready to establish a new way of eating that is simple, delicious and nutritious.




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