7 Reasons Why Any Diet Will Not Work Permanently in 2019

It is the time of year where the media will bombard your newspapers, and social media news feeds of bikini bodies and Christmas bulging stomachs in order to motivate you out of your old ways of the current year and into the new year.


It has been happening for decades – unfortunately it is not productive nor is it helpful for creating permanent solutions for being healthy.


Being healthy is not as simple as throwing a meal plan together and following it. We all know that.


We know because we have tried so many of them and every time they fail.


Unfortunately the current methods of getting healthy involve being motivated through fear of consequences and controlled eating is not a sustainable solution.


Fear evokes the fight or flight response which in turns places the body into survival mode.  It also elevates cortisol the hormone that conserves energy flow.    


No different to a computer being put on hibernate mode. The computer can not run optimally and everything slows down. 


So even medically it is not sensible to cut food groups out if you would like your New Year resolution's to last this year.


The new year approach to detoxing and extreme healthy eating is getting boring and is not working.  


The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the a different result” – thank you Albert Einstein for that one.


Being a scientist, nutritionist and feeling what stress is as a parent flying solo has clearly demonstrated that we (humans) make choices from our emotions and how something will make us feel in any given moment. So our long term results are not as simple is 'sticking to a diet'. 


When I transform my clients relationships with eating it has a flow on effect to other areas of their life. The solution to consistent health and well being requires a balance of intellect and emotion.


What we eat can also affect our mood and mental well being. The brain is over 80% water so it is no surprise how important it is to absorb water through the food we eat as well as complimenting it with what we drink. 


The secret to keeping long term results is to identify the starting point of where you are at with your relationship with food and eating.


Any type of relationship has many layers to it and provides us with opportunities to experience, feel and have our needs met.


The method of a healthy relationship with eating is really no different to any type of relationship you have in your life. 


Here are some questions to ask yourself to see where you are at with your relationship with food:

  1. Do you try and control your relationship with food so that you feel safe?

  2. Ask yourself honestly - are you in denial about your relationship with food and feel that there is one that serves you better?

  3. Are you settling for your current relationship with eating because its familiar and doesn’t mean you have to change?

  4. Do you fear exploring your relationship with food because you judge yourself?  

  5. Are you aware that your current relationship doesn’t meet your needs or desires and feel that life is too busy to do anything about it right now?

  6. Do you look at other people’s relationships (with food) and judge them?

  7. Do you compare yourself to other people and wish you had a body like theirs?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you might be carrying old beliefs from other people in your life when you were younger.


In the new year I invite you to explore the opportunity of creating a healthy relationship with eating so that you can free yourself from the over thinking and judgment of yourself. So that you can be healthy and enjoy the foods you love without needing to follow a diet or meal plan.


A healthy relationship with eating requires flow and flexibility so that you can enjoy family gatherings with food, dine out at your favorite restaurants, buy takeaways from cuisines all over the world and indulge your senses without the guilt.


Like any healthy relationship it is important to identify what it is you love about it and get to the core of what works for you.


It really is no different to finding that perfect romantic relationship. The answer is – there is no perfect.


It is all about acceptance, balance and communication.  Listening to what your body feels like and learning why with a mixture of logic of what nourishes your health and well being.  


The foods that are not helpful and redundant are not going to go away and the government isn’t going to tax and control how we purchase food any time soon. 


It is time to break the cycle so that we can teach the younger generations a healthy way of eating that allows them to have choice as well as feel good.


So as you move into the new year instead of jumping on the next motivational challenge or health eating diet I recommend finding a way of eating that INSPIRES you from the inside out.


So that in 2019 you don’t find yourself in a love hate relationship with your health and well being.


When you eat the food you love and balance it with food that scientifically nourishes you from the inside out – the guilt and the fear of unhealthy consequences subsides.


You empower yourself through the choices that you make and you get to eat any food you love without the guilt.


You gain control through your own self confidence of choosing the food that makes your heart sing while balancing it with what nourishes you.


Being healthy is so much more than what we eat. It is how we think and ultimately how that food makes us feel hours after eating it.


Feeding yourself with meals that satisfy your blood sugars, nourish your immune system, awaken your gut and indulge your senses is the guilt free way of being healthy permanently.


If you are ready to create a NEW relationship with your healthy eating this year come and chat to me in the private community when you join the guilt free food school for 30 days for $49 NZD 


Guilt Free Thai Chicken Burgers 

(click here for the recipe)






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