3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel Like Something Sweet


Have you ever noticed you can eat healthy meals but those little self sabotage moments still seem to derail you at certain times?




They are so annoying aren’t they?


You just seem to be gaining some momentum of feeling better, less bloated then along comes a cold snap in the weather, a negative conversation with a colleague or family member or some other situation that triggers you to say ‘oh stuff it…. I deserve xyz”


Now as the guilt free nutritionist I am not going to give you bunch of avoidance techniques to get your way around this one. You already know it’s a pattern cause it’s has happened a few times to you hasn’t it?


How do I know?


Besides the fact I have coached hundreds of people and observed their patterns (as well as my own) for 12 years - I am human and have those ‘episodes’ too.


Yes – even the professionals has moments of weakness most just don’t talk about them.

The difference though is that my guilt free foodies and myself see it for what it is. Something that has triggered our emotions that we want to gain control over. 


It is really quite simple and logical. It links to the reptilian part of our brain and the need for us to feel safe.  When we feel safe we feel in control even if it involves making a decision we will feel guilty about in hindsight. It is the path of least resistance link to our human survival mechanism.


So what is the closest way to feel in control that is readily available for you – yes – that’s it your food!


You will notice this also happens with little people if you are a parent, caregiver or have ever experienced meal time with a toddler. Even when they like the food they will say they don’t want to eat it simply to feel sense of control and authority.


How we experience authority in our childhood can translate into how we eat and what we tell ourselves when we are adults (and our children sometimes too).  


It doesn’t mean you have to deep dive into your childhood to find your answer. You simply just need to stay satisfied and nourished so that your inner child feels safe and doesn’t have a tantrum when it feels over ruled or over whelmed by your external circumstances.


Simply see it for what it is. Next time you are feeling guilty you chose some food you felt was a ‘bad’ food or that you didn’t agree with your choice in hindsight ask yourself these questions:  

  1. Was it because you were hungry?

  2. Was it because you mistook hunger for thirst?  

  3. Did you miss any necessary elements for satisfaction in your meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner?

  4. Did someone recently confront you?

  5. Have you had some news that has triggered fear, frustration or anger?

  6. Have you rushed from one thing to the next all day?

  7. Do you need space for yourself to take a breath?

  8. Do you need nourishing meals that cater to your lifestyle?

If you answer YES to any of these questions then you were looking to regain control at a sub conscious level through the food that you eat. 


So what is the solution?


Well it is simple, easy and delicious. Firstly you need to balance your breakfast, lunch and dinner with the science of satisfaction. If you have followed me for a while and keep reading this but haven’t looked into how you can do this for yourself then there is no coincidence you are reading this right now.


The reality is if your meals are not nourishing and satisfying you they will not give you the fuel you need for your body to feel safe to stay well, have energy and also for some release body fat.

I’m here to help make healthy eating easier, simple and delicious without another thing on your to do list. So that you can continue to be healthy and have that healthy body you truly desire without feeling like you get derailed at the first sign of distraction.


Avoiding the guilt around your eating is actually quite easy when you feel satisfied and nourished. You don’t even have to do any extra work because you are already eating breakfast, lunch and dinner (hopefully).


Now if you don’t fit the ‘three meal a day’ category – that is okay too. In the guilt free food school I cater for all eating styles. I can guarantee you that once you apply the science of satisfaction to your meals you will feel so full for about four to five hours after you meal you no longer think about food. Even when you get triggered by something during your busy day.


I could write all about the nutrients that help you and the science of eating but you don’t need more knowledge you need solutions.  That is why I have created the guilt free food school where I can support you and inspire you with over 200 simple easy dishes and menus that can feed everyone at your place.


Join the guilt free food school for 30 days and start feeling better with the guilt free recipes CLICK HERE 




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