How to Eat Guilt Free When Being Social

This week I had a question from one of my clients who felt like she had failed because she didn't eat perfectly and made a food choice that was wrong. 

It got me thinking how easy it is to become derailed when we are heading towards our goals. It also reminded me how much we judge ourselves when we are on a journey when we slip or are not perfect.  

This is also the real reason why there is an ON/OFF approach to our health and well being globally.   

We’ve all been there right?

That one friend, acquaintance or family member trying to pick holes in our progress or shines the light on what we are doing to see if we truly believe in ourselves.

They don't even know they are doing this half the time. It is subconscious. 

Our reptillian brains are wired to keep us safe that includes when 'others stand out in the tribe' it makes them feel unsafe because if they don't change they will be different, isolated and not comfortable.  

Our subconscious operates the same way by not starting, not making our health and well being a priority and putting everyone else before ourselves. 

Yet we think its about what we put in our mouths. Our mind controls 80% of what we eat in response to fight or flight. 

Social eating is one of the most challenging external influences that we can have when it comes to feeling like we can't 'stay on track'. 

The truth is you need to find what FEELS right for you. 


Oh yes that feeling word because if we don't connect to what we do and why we love it then it will be pretty damn hard to keep doing it. 


That is why it is essential in finding out what indulges your senses.  


So this season I'd love to recommend that your way to feel satisfied PERMANENTLY. 


The last thing we need is MORE INFORMATION or another thing on the to do list!


This is why I create practical solutions and solve the hassle and simplify what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner with every day food in the guilt free food school for you. I am also on hand at the end of your phone, ipad or laptop to help diffuse the confused. 


At the moment many people are feeling the need to constantly strive to feel better, look better and be better. 


We battle on with the big long to do lists and don't feel worthy if we ask for support or someone to do the thinking of us. 

There seems to be a catch 22 with being healthy today.  There are hundreds of non-qualified weight loss programmes, fad diets and eating trends being published around the world. 


They include the latest quick fix, the check list things to do to get fast results that worked for some other person or the quick fire programme. It sounds like a magic bullet but it’s not permanent unless of course you keep taking the product, supplement or potion.


You will know somebody like this or maybe it is you?


If this is your way and it makes you happy that is great. Jeep on keeping on however if you are struggling then - there is a MUCH EASIER WAY. 


If you have tried these methods and had no luck then I am talking to you – you want to eat real food, socialise with your friends and just eat guilt free don’t you?’


It doesn't need to be difficult. 


There is not a right way or wrong way when it comes to healthy eating, it just needs to be YOUR WAY and to work for you long term.


Find your own way and don't compare yourself to others, whether it be in the media, on the internet or even on Facebook. 


You are your own person - get to know what you like and how to eat it.  Be the cheerleader, not the policeman and everyone will start to relax around food and see that food was created for celebrating.


Festive eating with end of year social eating is a great time to start practicing being kind to yourself around food.  Often how you relate to your eating also reflects how you relate to yourself. 


Be positive about your food choices this Christmas - eat it and enjoy it - Christmas is really only one day so stay tuned in and allow yourself to relax with friends and family this year.



Here are three top tips to quietening your inner negative voice around food:


1)  When you see food that is high in sugar or lacks nourishment, restrain from saying 'I am going to be naughty and have one (or three) of them'.  

Be logical - most foods that lack lack water content due to being make with flour or sugar.  Accept them for what they are and adjust your eating at your next meal or just use a guilt free recipe and the hard work is all done for you.


2) When you enjoy a glass of wine at your festive occasions, hold back from saying 'I shouldn't have this because it is loaded with calories'.  


The fact is, alcohol does contain calories but they are not the reason that alcohol can cause weight gain.


Like you would have read in my other blog “3 ways to balance festive eating". 


When the body needs to process alcohol it puts every other ‘job’ down the priority queue (including strengthening your immune system) so be mindful of the percentage of alcohol you are drinking and the volume.


Every glass of wine takes your liver 1.8 hours to process - meanwhile that Christmas mince pie is hanging out waiting to be processed and is more likely to be stored as body fat.


The path of least resistance. You can have best of both worlds. I teach you how in the guilt free food school click here.


3)  Take ownership of your choices

If you want it have it but if you don't, then don't.  It might sound simple but I would be rich for the number of times I have heard "I had it because I didn't want to disappoint ‘insert name here’   


Eat it because you want to or if you want to have it later then take it with you.  You will be surprised that the perception of disappointing friends and family is not real. If it is you need to use your voice and say ‘no thank you’ or if you lack confidence doing this then say that you are too full because you have just eaten. 


Let's make eating fun not guilty this festive season! xx 


If you’re keen on finding YOUR way of eating and would like to be supported by me to help you find that – reach out and message me to work with me here


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