3 Ways to Balance Your Festive Food & Drink

In the south we think of BBQ’s, shared eating, relaxing in the sun and enjoying time near water and recharging while our northern hemisphere counterparts are focusing on warming up by closing down and going into hibernation mode.


The common denominator at this time of year is that both halves of the world are experiencing increased festive spirit and with this comes an array of food that we don’t often see at other times in the year. 


Like the split of the globe you will either love or loathe this time of year that is upon us and just like anything that can be split into two you have a choice.


I was born to love party food - you'll see me when I'm 4 years old in the photo below! It is my purpose to show you how to have the best of both worlds. 


So you can choose to put your blinkers on until January when you are feeling sluggish and the old patterns of jumping on fad way of eating to help you temporarily feel better...




You can look for an approach to eating that gives you (quite literally) the best of both worlds.


Cause let’s be honest who really wants to feel sluggish in the heat in the south or return to work in the new year with extra Christmas kilos when you don’t need to.


No one wants to miss out on the delicious food this time of year and so you shouldn’t. Balance is the new moderation.


As human beings it is natural for us to avoid understanding how to feel good when we don’t see it as a priority however once the new year hits then it becomes harder to regain the balance.


It is the path of least resistance to focus on what we need to in order to get through however if we don’t find balance we will keep ending up in the same puddle of guilt around our eating.


That is why I call myself the guilt free nutritionist so that I can show you how to have the best of both worlds without the unhealthy consequences.


How good would it feel to be able to enjoy your favourite beverage and delicious festive food this year without gaining kilos while also boosting your energy for having more fun with your friends and family?


It IS POSSIBLE and all it takes is making that decision to make your life easier and hand over the thinking part to me. I know that the most difficult part is getting started so I make that easy for you too.


Here are the three areas of festive eating that need to be in balance to avoid gaining Christmas kilos:

  1. Fluid balance

Whether the weather is hot or whether the weather is cooling off at your place your body needs to stay in fluid balance to operate effectively. In the heat it helps to keep you cool but it also helps take the pressure of your heart. In the cooler temperatures our muscles shiver to keep us warm and also heaters can dry you out when you’re bunkering down inside.


The best way to ensure you have your body in fluid balance is eating using the science of satisfaction. All 200 recipes in the guilt free food school use this formula to ensure you absorb the fluid from your meals to keep your health in balance. The recipes are great during the festive season because they are full of flavour and help you to stay healthy.


Eating two meals a day that use the science of satisfaction formula gives you over a litre of water absorbed and that takes the pressure off your bladder and decreases your toilet visits too. Eating foods with high water content and balancing them with the appropriate food groups to keep your appetite and energy stable is a sure fire way to stay healthy during the festive season.

  1. High Fat Foods

The Keto Diet (and its cousin the Paleo Diet) are two ways of eating that focus on squashing your appetite with high fat intake. Now while this is a effective there are a few parameters to be aware about.  These include the way food is cooked in fat because high heats can cause oils to change their structure and turn into trans fat.


These fats dramatically increase the risk of cardiac disease and they also increase incidence of free radical formation that cause cancer. Be mindful that balance is the key.  While including fats is one component of helping you feel fuller so does balancing your palate. You can achieve the same result by ensuring your meals is balanced and includes all elements of your taste senses such as salt, savory, bitter, sweet and sour. 


So many cuisines of the world use this to help food taste great and keep you satisfied for longer. Every science of satisfaction recipe is balanced for flavour and uses simple methods and ingredients so you don’t spend hours in the kitchen making delicious food.

  1. Alcohol

Yes! It is a food group of its own – it’s not a carbohydrate like many people think it is. It is also a dilute chemical we use to celebrate with so keep this in mind when you are indulging this festive season. While it is never ideal to drink excessively its important to take responsibility when you choice to enjoy your favourite beverage with friends and family.


Alcohol also impacts your fluid balance so therefore impacts your appetite. It is one thing to be aware that it interferes with how your liver metabolises your food but it also influences your appetite.


It has a diuretic affect this means that it alters your fluid balance and your body is programmed to eat salty foods to increase your water intake. Eating meals that are high in water content on the drinking alcohol can help minimise the impact of you losing water and getting a headache.


It is isn’t rocket science that excessive alcohol intake cannot be balanced through your food however if you would like to enjoy your favourite beverage without the after effects then the science of satisfaction is great for helping you stay in balance.


If you would like to take the thinking out of what to eat each day that uses normal every day foods from the supermarket and takes less time to prepare than your current recipe books then contact me now.



Find out how I can provide you with quick and easy recipes that help nourish and balance your festive eating CLICK HERE

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