Why Am I Hungry?

October 31, 2018

One to two hours after your meal are you left wondering why you feel like you need something else to eat.


There are a number of reasons why you can still feel hungry after eating breakfast, lunch and dinner so I thought I would help you out.


Hunger is a sensation we feel when you are not satisfied from what we have previously eaten.


If it has been proven that human beings can survive weeks without food yet only days without water then why does the feeling of hunger set in even when we have an abundance of food available to eat?


Your satiety or the sensation of feeling full occurs within five to twenty minutes within the time of feeding (note: when your meal is balanced).


The opposite occurs when you feel hungry.


Your body uses a feedback loop to control your satisfaction via your insulin pathway. When your blood glucose levels drop then you feel hungry.  However it is not that simple there can be other reasons you might feel hungry too.  


Here are six most significant elements to creating a meal that satisfies you and they are the following:  




Your mind requires feeding as much as your body. When your meal is balanced for all aspects of your palate you are more likely to feel fuller for longer. You will have evidence of this when you eat a meal from a café or restaurant that has been balanced for sweet, savoury, bitter, sour, and salty. These all make up the flavour of your meal and whether you find the taste desirable.


The health and wellness industry has made eating so confusing with all the rules put in place of removing sugar, removing fat and withdrawing flavour from food.  In doing so we have removed the joy from healthy eating and this alone creates overwhelm. Everyone is unsure what is ‘allowed’ to be eaten anymore. The language of food is a whole conversation in itself!


The guilt free meals in the guilt free food school use all flavours to balance the palate so that you experience the feeling of fullness. The amount of flavour used are minimal and they are also balanced using the other elements in the meal as follows.




There are two types of fibre in your food. There is hard insoluble fibre that stays intact throughout the digestive system and there is soluble fibre that forms a gel like substance that mops up LDL (unhealthy) cholesterol.  


Both types of fibre are necessary for overall good health. Not only do they help with ‘pipe cleaning’ your digestive system they also aid the growth of healthy gut bacteria to boost your immune system. This is why I have categorized produce as ‘hard fruit and vegetables’ and ‘other fruit and vegetables’ so that every guilt free meal that you eat has the balance of both.


Water Content


If you have been reading my other blogs or have a copy of my book ‘Wet Your Appetite’ you will know me well that I am all about getting water content into your body through the food that you eat. It is a more efficient way of hydrating your body before you need it.


When you feel hungry you could actually be thirsty. The hunger and thirst alert systems in your mind operate side by side so their neural connections can often get cross wired. Drinking water is not enough to fix your hunger pangs. However by optimizing your meals so that they include more water content you can easily avoid feeling hungry between meals.




Proteins are made up of amino acids and help delay gastric emptying.  This means they help keep you feeling fuller for longer. It is this fact that birthed the age of protein bars and protein shakes as a snack within a classic weight loss diet.


They have proven themselves helpful however you don’t need to rely on these when you eat guilt free.  There are over eight essential amino acids your body can’t make so they need to be received through the food that you eat. Including protein alongside the other elements in your meal will help to lower the glycemic impact. In simple terms this means that you will feel fuller and satisfied for longer.  




The dark horse of the food world – thee ol carbs.


Love them or hate them you need to include them to help you to feel satisfied. The red blood cells, kidneys and brain use carbohydrates their primary fuel source.  It is not that ‘carbs’ are bad – it is more that they are out of balance with the other elements of satisfaction in the meal. It is more likely the portion size of them, what you have added to them or how you have cooked them that creates the carb to be unhealthy.


I have categorized carbohydrates as ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ so that you can identify the balance of them both. It is the dry carbohydrates that can leave you feeling hungry if you are only eating them. These are things like crackers, wraps, bread, pastry most food that is made of flour and has had the water removed. They are not ‘bad’ they are just unbalanced and require other ingredients to balance them so that they keep you feeling fuller for longer.




Your body is constantly reacting or responding to stimuli outside of it. A heated conversation, the sound of a baby crying, an unexpected bill, inflammation from sickness, drinking alcohol or caffeine can also increase the heart rate and induce the fight or flight response.


When your body is in this mode it starts fueling your body on a hibernate default. Your body does not feel safe to digest the food you feed it. So you can feel like you are a bottomless pit.


So whether your response is to conserve energy in fight of flight and lose your appetite or experience an increased appetite because your body is wired to forage for hibernation either way it will indicate whether will be hungry or not.


In the guilt free food school I address all these elements with you so that you can eat guilt free and be healthy permanently. The guilt free recipes are formulated with the science of satisfaction so that they are balanced with all of these elements in this article.



This means you feel less overwhelmed what you need to eat to be healthy.


Not only can you use the guilt free recipes you are also shown how you can balance your own favourite recipes at home so that you no longer get hungry.  Every recipe is flexible for people with food intolerance or special dietary requirements so you can create one meal that works for everyone.


Become a guilt free foodie now just got easier. I want to make healthy eating affordable for everyone so now you can join the guilt free food school RISK FREE for $49 NZD CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION 

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