Why you no longer need to jump on the scales

October 11, 2018

Food choice and our relationship with eating is 80% mindset.


You have two sides to your brain. The logical side and the emotional side.


Ever noticed that anytime you see something you would like to try or start but never seem to get around to doing it?


This is because your emotional side of your brain defies all logic. Feeling good always wins.


This is because we are wired for pleasure and feeling good.


Unless of course you have been scared into doing things in your life or faced consequences when you were younger for having fun.


When you were little between the ages of 0-7 your role models were the ones that framed your behaviour.


Your caregivers are where you learned what was right and wrong and what you need to do to get a result from them.


Whether it was getting what you wanted (or in most cases not) this shaped your sub conscious beliefs as an adult.


If your parents or caregivers were always rushing and too busy for you – you learned that being busy was important trait of being an adult. You might even have the subconscious belief that if you are not busy you are being lazy.


When we realise that our circumstances are created by us at a sub conscious level it can be very confronting to realise that all our life experiences have got us to where we are today.


However what is keeping us stuck is also what will set us free.


If you were controlled and not allowed to make choices for yourself (like most children) then you learned that you need to follow a plan to get a result.


If you were ignored you were taught you need to get louder or play up to get attention then your personality can see food as a comfort to feel good because it gives you a sense of control in your adulthood.


As a child you were taught the right way and the wrong way to behave to get a result.


Parents do the best that they can with the what they have got. Many generations before were just following the guidelines they got from their parents and the cycle continues.


Depending how you received this learning as a child will determine whether you are a personality that likes to push your limits with eating or whether you like to stay within control.




You are no longer a child and it is not necessary to carry those beliefs any more.


So what on earth does this all have to do with ditching our body weight scales?


It is these behaviour patterns that dictate our results.


So when you feel motivated to start a new health and fitness regime those patterns lie dormant until you decide to take action and get results. There really is no such thing as a body weight plateau.


All a body weight plateau is your sub conscious behaviour patterns running below the surface keeping you safe and comfortable.


You mind works like a thermostat and your sub conscious behaviour patterns will always prevail. Often we don’t even know what these are however – ENTER THE SCALES ….. standing the scales is when we can discover what our mind is really thinking.


This is why it is time to ditch the body weight scales.


These tool that the weight loss industry has used forever to measure body weight. However they are also weighing your inflammation, fluid retention, body weight AND your self esteem.

This show ups up when you weigh yourself and if check feel the need to check your progress constantly.


When you see the scales haven’t moved you feel it’s another plan, programme or diet that didn’t work or worse – you feel like you’re the failure.


It can stop you taking action and feel like its yet another system that didn’t work.


So what next?

  1. Work with me to explore your eating patterns and how to feel satisfied rather than self defeated

  2. Find a way of eating that is enjoyable, easy and simple to sustain with everyone you eat with

  3. DITCH weighing yourself on the scales – because when you don’t feel worthy of getting a result you wont keep the body weight off anyway.

  4. Eat recipes that are healthy balanced and improve your health from the inside out.

If you are ready to eat guilt free permanently and are tired of the battling the yo yo healthy eating approaches permanently join the guilt free food school.





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