Can You Feel Satisfied Eating Vegetarian and Plant Based Meals?

September 20, 2018

There has been recent hype that eating a plant based diet is the path to good health.

So I am going to outline the benefits and challenges with eating plant based and how you can balance a non vegetarian diet with plant based principles. 



The western diet is traditionally heavy on the refined carbohydrates, meat for protein and some produce on your plate.


You have probably seen or embraced the “quarter, quarter, half” rule at some point during your healthy eating journey.


This theory is based on eating quarter carbohydrate, quarter protein and half a plate of vegetables.

Now ask yourself has this approach been successful for you to reach your healthy body?

The idea of only eating plants to achieve results can bring up all sorts of feelings of lack and boredom.


However it doesn’t have to be that way. I felt like that a year ago and the idea of being vegan gave me the “heeby jeebys”. Like anything in my life when there is fear – I go there to explore what it is about.


So I challenged myself to eat vegan for a week (I wanted to be realistic any longer and I know I wouldn’t have continued haha) to see if I got hungry.


I knew scientifically that plant based proteins are traditionally lower in the quality of proteins versus meat fish and poultry. However I wanted to see if I felt better with no meat, fish or poultry.


Your body is approximately 25% protein so eating like for like helps with your satisfaction.

If you are not a fan of meat, fish and poultry it does not mean you have to feel hungry or dissatisfied.


By applying the science of satisfaction you will be relieved to know that I didn’t go hungry eating plant based. In fact it actually resulted in me eating far less meat than I ever did before.


It created more variety in my meals and it was fairly simple to use all the cuisines around the world to create the variety my palate wanted.


The beauty of the science of satisfaction formula I have created is that it can be applied to any style of eating to help you be healthy permanently. 


I applied this to the recipes I created the week I went vegan and surprisingly I wasn’t hungry because I had balanced the meals for satisfaction.


So what does that mean?


Plant based diets are traditionally low in protein and when they are balanced you can miss out on your essential amino acids.


These are the building blocks to what you know as proteins. Essential meaning your body cannot create them without consuming them through what you eat.


It is possible to achieve a healthy body and balanced diet when you eat plant based. It does take a little extra preparation to ensure you have the ingredients you need to feel satisfied in each meal.


There is also a perception that eating plant based is the best approach for weight loss. I prefer to call it releasing body fat than weight loss because when you learn what your formula is to release body fat and enjoy the foods you love it lasts permanently.


The reason moving to plant based diet from a traditional western refined carbohydrate diet gives quick results is because you are injecting so much more water content into your body.


Your foods will be less acidic forming so your body is less likely to provoke the inflammatory response.


What is traditionally missing from some plant based recipes is the satisfaction factor.

You can achieve satisfaction by eating plant based and this is how you do it by ensuring

  1. The right protein balance.

  2. Some carbohydrates that are high in water content like root vegetables, grains that absorb fluid like rice, buckwheat, oats, cous cous to name a few.

  3. A variety of produce for vitamins, minerals and fibre.

  4. You also need to balance the flavour of your meal so that all areas of your palate are triggered. Including sweet, bitter, umami (aka savory), sour, salty.

The taste of your food is huge predictor of how long you will stay satisfied.


Many clean eating diets and weight loss recipes reduce the taste because then it cuts the sugar, the fat and THE JOY from your meal. You might experience short term results but is it worth the effort when you can have the best of both worlds?


When you know how to include flavour that improves the taste of the meal AND balance it for your health you get to keep your results permanently.


Taste is determined by molecules dissolving on your tongue.


Another reason why your hydration and water content of your meal are important factor for satisfaction.


The food molecules need to flood your taste to pore to produce full satisfaction. When your tongue is dry you are less likely to taste all areas of the palate especially salt and sugar.


When you become even slightly dehydrated (at your cellular level) you can require more salt and sugar to feel satisfied.


In my book ‘Wet Your Appetite’ I outline the four food groups in detail that you need in your meals and the evidence based science that shows you how you can be satisfied permanently.  


In the guilt free food school I supply you with 60 recipes per term that are all structured using the formula I have outlined above to save you doing the thinking for you. 


The current term is all about beating your bloat and in each menu I have created a plant based recipe for you to try so you can experience satisfaction with whatever way you prefer to eat.


Enrolling for this season of "Awaken Your Core - Beat the Bloat" closes soon for 2018.


If you are keen to release some body fat for the warmer months and feel healthy in your lighter clothes click here to learn how you can join me in the guilt free food school now CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION 

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