The 9 Step Recipe to Help You Simplify Your Healthy Eating

September 13, 2018

The energy of Spring can feel inspiring to break out of the cocoon we have housed ourselves in over the darker months.  Motivation soars and the idea of shedding some extra kilos from hiding under our clothes in the cold appears more achievable and we have more motivation to put a system in place.


Before you embark on eating healthier this season I recommend you ditch the old way of looking at eating and try something that is going to work for you and everyone that you cook for permanently.


It is tempting to do a full internal declutter with a quick win detox diet however when you learn how to create meals that have all your needs meet, your body will naturally displace the toxins and help to beat that bloated feeling.


It is essential whenever you create a NEW way of eating that it also aligns with who you are, the foods that you enjoy and most of all meals that SATISFY your mind, your body and your health.


The way that you feel has a significant impact on whether you will be able to sustain a fresh approach to eating. As a scientist myself I have gone full circle with seeing the value of cooking consciously.


Cooking consciously to me, means that you know what you are eating will satisfy your body and MIND.   


The chaos of being a mum flying solo over the last three years has really showed me how powerful the science of satisfaction is for sustaining not only my immune system, losing weight after having a baby, balancing my blood sugars but also (and nearly most importantly) stabilising my mood and how I feel each day.  


Your state of mind will directly influence whether you will be able to sustain your way of eating or not.  This is because the part of your brain that controls hunger, keeps you breathing and also controls how you respond to fear.


Fear is a natural response the body uses for survival and when it is engaged it can directly impact your appetite. Your appetite can often be reduced as a response to any fear which engages the fight or flight response.


So if you have a predisposition to think negatively in regards to how you look, how you feel or are generally unhappy this can interfere with your permanent healthy outcomes.


The brain has over 100 trillion connections which is more than the number of galaxy’s and stars in the whole universe! Geek out on that for a minute.


So the brain does not differentiate between a negative thought, toxins it receives, a unexpected bill showing up, an argument, a caffeine drink, a work conflict or a spider (if you have a fear of them).


All incidences invoke fight or flight, an increased heart rate and alters how you digest your food.  

The brain on average consumes 20% of your energy of your body in a relaxed state and when it is thinking intensely or feels fear it consumes over 50% of your energy. 


So if you have ever wondered why you get home from work or after a large period of concentration that you feel like sugar it is because glucose (is the primary fuel your brain consumes).


If you have had a busy day or experienced any of the above situations that have induced fear you also are at risk of feeling like sugar.


The confusing part is that there is so much emphasis on cutting out carbohydrates to be healthy when your brain actually can’t consume any other substrate but glucose (simplest form of sugar in the body).


Proteins and fats can’t cross the blood brain barrier they need to be rearranged into glucose molecules before they can provide the brain with fuel.  


Your brain ALSO is over 80% water so if you are not eating foods that are high in water content this has a direct impact on your mood and how you feel. Usually resulting in more sugar intake to feel better.  


The solution to this is finding a way of eating that is SIMPLE so you can sustain it under any given situation that the body receives as ‘fear’ including busyness.


Your meals also need to be adaptable to how you feel on the day so you can select different types of protein like meat, fish or poultry or omit them altogether within the same meal depending how you feel.


When you have flexible system that can be adapted to your way of life which might include having a BBQ in the weekend or relaxing with friends over a drink it is much easier to sustain.


The last thing you want to feel is defeated when you put on those clothes and you feel no change.

You also don’t want to feel deprived of what you like to eat and drink just to get a result (that wont last as soon as your behaviour patterns return).  

So when you decide to clean up your eating this Spring here is a check list that you can use that will help you get started to feeling better and getting healthy:

  1. Create a list of 4 dinners, 1 breakfast and 1-2 lunch recipes

  2. Note down the ingredients you need from the recipes

  3. Omit any foods you don’t like and swap with ingredients that you do

  4. Check your recipes include all the of the following (water content, fibre, vitamins and minerals, protein and some carbohydrate)

  5. Balance your meals with wet carbohydrates (to optimise fluid being absorbed into your cells), proteins, hard produce and flavour (full list of ingredients in each category are in my book or the guilt free food school menus)

  6. Have you got recipes that are easy to create when you are tired or had a busy day?

  7. Are your recipes adaptable to all the nutritional requirements of your family such as being gluten free, dairy free or vegetarian?

  8. Create your shopping list (or use a menu from the guilt free food school)

  9. Clean out your fridge and sort it into food group categories for easy flow at cooking time

If this check list seems helpful but you would just like the thinking done for you so you can guarantee all your recipes are balanced with science of balancing your blood sugars so you don’t get cravings between meals and that are adjustable for your tastes.


It is time to join the guilt free food school and awaken your core. You will add inspiration into your cooking and will feel lighter and beat the bloat.


Learn how to cook your meals that you love and make them healthy and satisfying so that you can be healthy without depriving yourself this season.  You will feel more energized, your mind will be nourished and your needs will be met internally keeping you healthy on the inside and out. 


Come and work with me and solve all your health and wellness woes CLICK HERE to join before the end of September and get your own personalised portion guide FREE

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