Six Ways to See Results When You Are Feeling Impatient

September 5, 2018


It is so frustrating when you feel like you have done everything on the check list, followed the formula, eaten the healthy food, stuck to the diet to the ‘letter’ but still are not experiencing the results you desire!


The biggest challenge with seeing improvement when getting healthy and losing weight is the time it takes between taking action steps to experiencing the results.


It can be a bit of buzz kill when you feel you have followed what you needed to do but don’t have the results yet to show for it right?  


Striving towards any goal is the same. It is never linear.


It is easy to get disheartened and lose motivation when awaiting results.


Getting any type of result is never instant and when it is the result is short lived.


Remember the time you followed the diet that cut out food groups and promised fast shedding of body fat in a short period of time or the supplement that promised if you simple take it for X amount of time you will receive the results? 


Fast fat loss isn’t real and isn’t healthy.


Biologically it is not possible to shed kilos of body fat in a 7 day period.


When you find you show up lighter on the scales it is because you have shifted your approach to eating and your body feels safe to let go of the toxins and food waste you have been holding in your digestive system.


It will be some fat loss but a lot of it will be fluid retention and reversing inflammation.

Leaving you with a feeling of being lighter and diminishing your bloat.   

Which is great way of getting instant gratification but it is often not a sustainable approach that will keep you healthy permanently.


Having this eagerness to see your results fast indicates you don’t trust in the process that it will happen when you take the desired steps.   Then your ego kicks in and old beliefs of ‘not being good enough’ or thoughts that “it’s another diet that doesn’t work” prevail.


You return to your comfort zone and accept a fixed mindset that you are destined to be how you are forever.


It doesn’t need to be like that.


Imagine being able to be healthy in the warmer weather while still enjoying your favourite foods and drinks without feeling guilty!


Being healthy is all about balance. You simply can’t have the “good” without the “bad” or as I put it the healthy food without the redundant food.


Even in your digestive system there is a pH gradient that helps you digest your food in a healthy way that is not all the same.


What you can do is observe how often the redundant food is showing up in your meals. By redundant I mean offering no value to your body, giving you an instant hit of energy or filling a hunger gap.


Then choose how you can balance it or displace it with food that makes you feel good and does add value to your health.


The easiest way to balance your redundant food is using the science of satisfaction because any food can be brought back into balance using this formula. I demonstrate how to apply adapt this formula to meet your needs, desires and tastes in my e-book “Wet Your Appetite”. Every recipe in The Guilt Free Food School also uses this formula to take the hassle out of working it out yourself.

It is a flexible formula that can be adapted to what you like to eat. 


You get to select and change your ingredients in each meal so that it suits everyone that you are cooking for at your place.


When too many restrictions are placed on a system eventually it will break. It is just logic.


So if you have been on your healthy eating journey and not experiencing the results you desire then it is time to look at how you can add value to it or find a new approach that is personalised to you.  What will work for one person will not necessarily work for another person.


Reshaping beliefs and attitudes takes time and practice.  So if you are feeling a little unmotivated or underwhelmed apply the following steps to how you are currently eating:

  1. Step back and focus on something else besides your progress while continuing to take steps towards your results.

  2. Detach from the outcome and trust that the results will arrive.

  3. Observe what IS working and keep doing that and let go of what doesn’t work for you.

  4. Check your balance – are you eating all healthy foods in order to get the result?

  5. Do you enjoy the foods you eat and do they make you feel good?

If you are feeling disheartened with your progress you are ready to try a different approach that is customized for you. It is important to eat the foods that bring you enjoyment and you truly can have the best of both worlds.


If you are inspired to start now so you can enjoy the foods you like AND have a healthy body before Summer join The Guilt Free Food School now.  


Every membership also receives my e-book ‘Wet Your Appetite’ – The Secret to Eating Guilt Free.


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