When You Need A Break In The Weather....

July 12, 2018


I need a break in the weather

Trying to take a break

Trying to take a little holiday

I need a break in the weather

Trying to take breath

For the very first time..... (I need a break, I need a break, I need a break)


Thanks Jenny Morris (the singer of the song from 1991)


Are you feeling like this lately too? 


School Holidays can either be a joy or a challenge for us as Mum's.


There has been a bit of FUNK going around recently even before the school holidays hit.


Have you felt that and I don’t mean a Bruno Mar’s uptown funk ... more like a low town funk.

BUT … its normal and here is the science…


When you get less sunshine you are less inclined to feel like drinking water. Your food at this time of year is less hydrating and we often cook the goodness out of what we are eating to satisfy our comfort brain.


Not to fear I have been feeling it too so I have been exploring why this has happened to me of all people when I am usually pretty balanced with how I eat.


Here is the thing how we feel is so much more than what we eat. Often what we eat is based on how we feel.


Here is how to shift from FUNK town to the funky town… dit dit dit dit do dit dit dit dit do …. Talking about it, talking about it, talking about it, talk about movin! You know the song…


That is all a funk is – stuck energy. This can be created from dense foods what I refer to as ‘dry carbs’ that lack water content (you’re body is two thirds water remember). There are a bunch of ways to shift stuck energy and more importantly whatever you choose needs to BE FUN!


As adults we get all to bit too serious and stuck in funks so much longer than kids do. This is because children are great at putting their energy in motion.   Usually in ways that frustrate us adults like tantrums, crying and expressing their emotion.


So what has this got to do with food and eating?  What satisfies you depends on your kind of funky town and how often you put your energy in motion.


Here are a bunch of ways I have been putting my energy in motion over the past few weeks to lift my funk that might also help you shift yours…


  1. Listening to fun party music that I used to love before becoming a parent  - sound is an incredible way to life you out of a funk

  2. Eating high vibe foods – by high vibe I mean that contain mostly water – ever wondered why the ocean and being near water helps you feel better? You’re two thirds water of course!

  3. Going for walk where you have some amazing sights like in the hills, on the beach, in the park or anywhere that has space for you to shift your energy

  4. Eating foods that a full of flavour and texture by using the science of satisfaction. I have been staying with my parents the last few months and haven’t been applying SOS as diligently  - I have definitely noticed a different in my energy.

  5. Simplifying jobs I don’t like doing and asking for help with them – this frees up my time and makes me feel less overwhelmed. This can be as simple as asking Charlie to help with carrying things or getting his shoes on himself.

  6. I’ve been giving meditation a whirl daily – this gives me so much clarity and my day flows when I do. If I allow myself to get busy or make excuses my day has a completely different outcome.

To often we put off feeling good because we believe we need to spend money to feel better. When I first had charlie three years ago I was rather restricted cash wise. I was only working part time and I had to find ways to feel good at low cost. 


If you are feeling you ‘gotta move on, gotta move on, gotta move on, and want me to take you to funky town …


Check out next term in The Guilt Free Food School – where I create delicious meals for you to cook at your place and show you how you can lift your energy, wellness and beat the bloat before Spring click here and save $54 off the full price before next Friday 21st July.

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