What is Mind Over Metabolism?

May 31, 2018


Is it mind over metabolism?

Do you feel that life is against you with not enough time in the day?  These days your busy lifestyle seems to fill your time with longer to do lists, right?


But for what reason? 

In my experience, as a mother, I can see how easy it is to fall into the trap of doing things for others and helping others before I help myself.  I have learned the hard way that all I am doing is compromising my own health and happiness.


I learned this first hand over the last three years of raising Charlie.  The demands of a baby, then a teething infant, an energetic toddler and now an interactive preschooler.  Raising children while finding time for being yourself is challenging. 


How often do you treat your body with the love that you give your loved ones?

We live in a selfless society where giving to ourselves can be viewed as narcissistic or selfish – yet if we get sick or injured the whole tribe suffers.


I write this today to create awareness that it is time you give back to you.  I have learned this the hard way over the past three years.  I have experienced how challenging it was to eat nourishing food when all I felt like doing at night was to pour a glass of wine and eat eggs on toast after he goes to bed.  But what nutritionist does that?  


Gassssssp!!! Shock horror …. Yes I am human too. 


However what I Iearned was that it helped no body – including myself.

I started a deep dive into how my mindset was getting in the way of having a life that I loved.  I already knew what to eat.  I even knew what foods might have an impact on my health but best of all.  I learned that is was possible to have the food you love without the unhealthy consequences.


Society puts labels on EVERYTHING but we don’t need to buy the label. 


Comparison to others will only leave you feeling like you are not good enough already, as you are. Identifying who you and what you like is much more important because then you can work out what will work for you.


So what on earth does this all have to do with nourishing your body and eating well?  

You can follow any diet or healthy eating regime that you wish but if it doesn’t align with who you already are – it is not going to work for you permanently.


The thoughts you have in your mind will completely control your outcomes. If you are a sweet tooth and are trying to eat savoury food because you read it was better for you or would give you a result - it is not going to work for you forever.


You will always return back to the path of least resistance.


The thoughts you think about yourself will determine whether you burn or hold the energy you put into your body. I know!! Crazy isn’t it ….


If you think that the food is going to ‘make you fat’ it most likely will – not that food item but the self sabotaging behaviour that then follows you choosing that food to eat.


If you believe that it is a ‘safe’ food to eat and it is part of your culture and makes you feel good you central nervous system will not get stimulated. 


It is more important that you identify what you LOVE to eat and what brings you joy.



You already know that stress impacts your health.


Stress comes in many forms including psychological (the thoughts that you think), biochemical (the foods and drinks you ingest) and physical (external environment creating resistance) – this even includes exercise.  It is incredibly important to identify what areas of your life are creating stress and how to reduce the resistance.


One area is asking for help and offloading duties to others in your life.  Asking for help can be a game changer and also a limiting belief at the same time.  Limiting beliefs are those thoughts you have in your head that get in the way of doing, being or in this case eating what you want.


Flying solo as a mum and in business for nine years I have learned first hand how important it is to ask for help.


I hope that by me sharing my experience you decide it is time to ask for help too.


As soon as I let down my guard and let people in to help (because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have survived) life began to get easier.  Answers starting to show up and the stressors in my life started to show up less too.


I decided that having nourishment sorted was a huge part of being well and feeling good. When you feel good your body has less resistance.


This is ALSO why I created The Guilt Free Food School.  A platform that helps women just like you to focus on the parts of life you love and redistribute the task of wondering what to eat that week for everyone at your place.


That task that takes time you don’t currently have or plan to get around to it.  Soon.  Apparently. 

The magic part of the recipes you receive every week is not only do the weekly menus take the hassle out of what to eat every week – the meals nourish you from the inside out.


Your body is two thirds water and if you already know me you know how much I love to “Wet Your Appetite” with the science of satisfaction (the key message in my book). Every recipe you receive as part of your Food School membership is adjustable for specific eating requirements such as gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian or keep it as it is if you like your meat, fish and poultry.


If you are keen on trying out a couple of these recipes and tasting how natural the foods are, that are optimally balanced for satisfaction, versatile for your tastes and adjustable for every mouth at your place SIGN UP FREE TO GET YOUR GUILT FREE RECIPES HERE  



To learn more about nourishing your mind over your metabolism check out this weeks episode on Guilt Free Food TV 

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