Secrets to Staying Healthy Even When You Break the "Rules"

May 15, 2018

Do you get tired of health professionals telling you what you ‘should’ be eating to be healthy?


You already know what to do … more factual knowledge isn’t going to help you when you are already too busy to answer the current emails arriving in your inbox each day.


As a qualified health professional myself with over ten years seeing it all and now a mother I hear so many health and wellness messages that really don’t comply with the reality of a busy lifestyle.

I say this out of concern rather than judgement. 

I listened to a personal trainer speak last week and if i didn't know what I know about health and wellness


I would have left feeling guilty and that I wasn't already doing enough. Especially since my hours are jammed down to the minute balancing being a mum, keeping food on the table and helping women take the hassle out of being healthy ..... so yeah like you literally some days its about survival. 


The reality is being yelled at and told what to do doesn't work for my 3 year old and I bet it doesn't work for you either. 


We can learn a lot from children. They know what they want (when allowed space and time to decide) and they don’t respond well to an authoritarian approach to learning.  So why as adults do we let health and wellness coaches, professionals and or said gurus tell us how we ‘should’ be eating and living?

It's your life, your rules and your choice to find what makes you happy. 


So why can’t you have your cake and eat it?


And why not? Why can’t you have your cake and eat it? Why should you deprive yourself of foods and drinks that bring you joy to your taste buds in order to get a “RESULT” that some health coach has told you you need to do to be healthy.


Lets be frank ….. there really is no set plan that will work when you are a parent. As soon as you even get five minutes to yourself the last thing you feel like doing is creating a plan when you know your child is going to reject the food anyway – creating wastage and further stress.

One of those cupcakes you made with the kids and that glass of wine with Netflix looks like a faster path to joy than some structured plan to ‘stick’ to for the week ahead right?


Well imagine being able to enjoy your cupcake, wine and Netflix at the same time as being healthy?


Now you can and guess what? You don’t even need to buy some fancy product to melt away the ingredients that don’t comply with a traditional health coaches ‘rules’ or guidelines.


I am here to tell you – that you can have your cake and eat it even without the unhealthy consequences or kilos being added. I have been coaching people for over ten years in how to bring the joy back into their eating and still be healthy.  I have also put it to the test over the last three years flying solo, running business and raising my son who is now three years old.


Food was created as a cultural tool for sharing and socialising and in my opinion I feel the health and wellness world has lost touch of reality with its rules and advice. It is creating a divide whether you are a ‘good eater’ or a ‘bad eater’. Eating is not black and white and your nourishment requirements change daily depending on what life demands of you.


Add in seasonal variation of produce, mixtures of stresses from home, work and other avenues not to mention the daily to do list.


But……. “It’s all about lifestyle change right” – as they say?!?!? …. So…… what happens if you quite like your lifestyle the way that it is, you don’t want to change it but would like to nourish around it?


Now you can.


Here are the three simple secrets to breaking the rules and being healthy


BREAKING RULE NUMBER ONE: No longer do you need to cut or reduce your carbs


There goes your cupcakes you made with the kids. Don’t even think about squeezing one in … just distract yourself and move away from the kitchen.


HA! Yeah right cause that solution worked – said nobody. The good news is that carbohydrates are necessary for your brain, red blood cells and kidneys to operate effectively. You have a blood brain barrier that resists any fuel BUT carbohydrate so if you want your mood to stay stable, to be able to think straight and not get afternoon cravings then get the carbs are back in!


The secret here is that you need the carbohydrates that are high in water content things like root vegetables, grains that absorb fluid like quinoa and other such ‘wet carbohydrates’ that are outlined in my book ‘Wet Your Appetite’ – the secret to eating guilt free. The next step is to balance them with the science of satisfaction so they don’t impact spiking your blood sugars.  





Sugars – did someone say sugars?


Yes refined sugars are redundant and don’t carry any nutritional value but focusing on what you need to cut out when it is riddled through everything is not a good place to start to become healthy. Instead of cutting out food groups displace them over time and focus on satisfaction not deprivation. The best way to satisfy your body first up is to balance your blood sugars.


I have created a formula called ‘The Science of Satisfaction’ which is a way you can balance any meal you eat or even create yourself.  Instead of looking at foods in isolation (because no meal is made up of one pure food group) use the science of satisfaction to balance your blood sugars.


The result is that your blood sugars are stable and you crave less between you meals. The smell of that baking doesn’t rock you anymore and when you do feel like some you don’t eat the whole batch.


BREAKING RULE NUMBER THREE: You need to drink two litres of water a day


It is true that your body is made up of two thirds water but it isn’t true that you necessarily need two litres of water a day. Your water intake depends on your lifestyle and how much you lose and gain water over the day.


There seems to be lots of preaching to ‘up the water intake’ to lose weight. However much of the water you drink isn’t even absorbed into your cells and is just a cover up for the food you could be eating when drinking that water.  It does act as a good body flusher and helpful for your skin however it should complement your balanced meals.


The real key to being well is effectively absorbing your water to help your body perform optimally. You can do this through what you are already eating. Focusing on eating wet carbohydrates at your meals and balancing them with the science of satisfaction results in ingesting one and half litres of water a day.


You have a greater chance of absorbing most of it because the food you eat also contains vitamins and minerals that are then transported into your cells through the water being absorbed across your cell membranes.


If you like to break more rules and learn more secrets to eating guilt free while still being healthy then check out The Guilt Free Food School here 






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