Nourishment Versus Nurturing What Is The Difference?

May 2, 2018



Traditionally speaking mother’s are the nurturers in the animal kingdom.


I find it very interesting that from the moment babies arrive on this earth the main source of nourishment is water.


It is no surprise because as a fetus humans are 90% water.  As we age we slowly deplete in body water content. Breast milk is also mostly water too with a mix of carbohydrate.


So I ask you to ponder, why is there not a focus on gaining your water content from your eating when you are an adult?


As a Mother who flies solo I know first hand how easy it is to let my own nourishment take a back seat. I also know the importance of keeping nourished to the wheels of life in motion.


You will know yourself from watching your own mother how many roles she fulfils as the nurturer (often taking on more than she can cope with).   


Maybe you are a mother yourself and can understand this statement first hand?  


Have you ever stopped to consider where you get your water content? The tap? A bottle?  


There are fears around global warming that the drinking water available on earth is becoming depleted. The fascinating thing about nature however is that everything is connected by balance.


When the balance is out of alignment the globe regulates itself by recorrecting its balance.  It has been happening for centuries right back to the ice ages.


BUT….. currently it is fact that the earth’s water is not replacing itself fast enough to keep up with the consumption.


So what does this have to do with your nourishment and the way that you eat?


If you are eating foods that are dry in nature your body fluid balance will be at risk of becoming compromised. This unconscious mechanism that usually engages thirst can impact your balance and long term your health and wellness.


If you increase your water intake your body will regulate itself by sending you to the bathroom more frequently (very inconvenient)


If you are busy rushing from one job to the next throughout the day your thirst mechanism shuts down and your body goes into conservation mode.  This not only impacts your water intake from what you drink it also impacts your appetite by shutting down your hunger cues.


It might seem helpful for reducing the volume of food you eat however it also reduces your opportunities for nourishment. Your brain then becomes programmed to feel like empty energy foods for your energy source that contain non nourishing ingredients.


It’s important to be aware of how you’re nourishing yourself because the next generation are always watching their parents, teachers, nurses, relatives and role models and how they treat their health and wellness.


Even if you don’t have children I get it, it can be a challenge to find time to plan healthy meals that are cost effective for everyone to eat at your place. That is why I have created over 240 recipes spread over four seasons to help people like you be healthy without the hassle.


The recipes follow a specific formula for nourishment and satisfaction that you wont find anywhere else known as the Science of Satisfaction.


Each collection of recipes uses simple ingredients you can buy from your the local supermarket, produce from your garden and flavours you already have in your pantry.  


They diet industry has complicated healthy eating and I am on a mission to unwind the complexity so that you can still enjoy the foods that taste great and balance them with guilt free recipes.


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