Is Your Appetite Affecting Your Nourishment?

May 2, 2018

Are you what you eat?



It is an interesting saying that isn’t it?  


All you need to know is that you are made up of two thirds water content and this directly impacts your health and wellness. So are you what you drink!?!?!?!


The challenge with this notion is that some drinks help hydrate you and some can contribute to your body losing water.  I will address those in the coming weeks the purpose of this blog is to show you how hydration can impact your wellness.


The problem is your body is like sieve and you are constantly regulating your fluid balance depending on what you eat, what you drink and your busy lifestyle.


All these factors relate to whether you will stay well or get sick.


The challenge with staying hydrated in the cooler, darker months is that your thirst mechanism doesn’t regulate as well in cooler environments like it does in hotter temperatures.


As a result, you can become dehydrated without consciously being aware.


When you blood loses water, it depletes in volume. Your heart then needs more energy to push your blood around your body.


This can drain energy your brain requires for thinking and performing your daily to do list.


So you reach for some food that is quick, easy and convenient to boost your energy. This is usually made of flour or sugar and is dry in nature.  


Enter the empty energy cycle….. a feed back loop your body engages when it requires energy to get you through your day.


Hydration is so much more than being thirsty. Your liver, brain, lungs and blood are all more than 80% water and cannot operate correctly when they are not optimised for fluid balance.


Drinking water alone will not keep you hydrated. Fluid balance is determined by the minerals in your water. Sodium and potassium need to equally exchange with each other to help get your water into your body cells.


So when you are thinking about nourishment this coming season … check in with your meals and ask yourself are you eating foods that are high in water content?


Eating produce in the cooler months can be challenging and it is less desirable to eat salads when you feel like warmer comforting foods.


That is why you need to try the guilt free recipes. These recipes are specifically formulated to help hydrate you, balance your appetite and keep you nourished.


They help to hydrate and nourish you from the inside out. You have less requirement to carry that water bottle around with you all day and they boost your energy and keep you well at the same time. Try them FREE here.


If you are keen to avoid visiting the doctor this upcoming season grab a copy of my book “Wet Your Appetite” here so that you can nourish your lifestyle and stay well.  Buy Wet Your Appetite



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