Yes! It’s frustrating isn’t it - you want more energy, release weight without losing your lifestyle. 

I am Catherine Sissons - The Guilt-Free Nutritionist 

Guilt-Free because there is no right or wrong way of eating and being healthy - you can eat the decadent dessert, your favourite glass of wine and eat what you like off the menu 

There is no need to do a diet to get a result. What you want is to feel progress fast, and that lasts for years down the track.

Whether you desire to release weight, having more energy or improve your health permanently. 

Nourishing your lifestyle doesn’t need to be complicated - eating guilt-free is simple yet satisfying. 

✅ No more cravings 
✅ No more snacking between meals 
✅ No more feeling sluggish 
✅ No more delays in results 

Not only do you benefit but everyone you live with will too. 

Shift your energy, heal your body and get the results you desire while indulging your senses and eating with more satisfaction 

You’ll change your mind, your body and the way you eat with one click of the button below. 

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What Being Guilt Free Is All About
Nourishing Your Lifestyle Comes With Satisfaction Guaranteed
After studying human nutrition and health sciences at Otago university 17 years ago. Being a scientist, I naturally became curious about what influences our eating behaviour and our food choices. 

Why was eating well so hard to sustain when life throws us curve balls? 

Why did people not release weight even when they seemingly ate quite well? 

After three years of consulting in private practice, I branched out to start my health and wellbeing practice in 2009 to help people release weight and nourish their lifestyles so that they could be healthy with the foods and drinks they love Guilt Free! 

Then I became a mother and soon learned all the knowledge in the world doesn't help your energy when you've had sleepless nights, a moody toddler, and a business to run. The last thing we feel like creating after creating life is thinking up tasty, healthy meals. 

I discovered that when the body is nourished with what it needs to heal emotionally, physically and mentally, it weight releases with ease and the results are sustained as a byproduct of being satisfied. 

Satisfied - nutritionally, satisfied - mentally and satisfied - emotionally. 

Being a busy mum and giving out to everyone else, we must give back to ourselves so that our children also feel safe and have a healthy relationship with themselves. 

Good health is not about being "right" or "perfect" it's about balancing your well being mentally, physically and emotionally to create the body and life you desire. 

It's easy to fall out of alignment with what your body truly needs when you become a Mum so I've designed the wellbeing alignment week to give you a taste of what we can achieve working together. 

Whether you're struggling to release weight or don't have the energy to thrive each day or maybe want to feel satisfied and more flow in your life 

I will transform your perspective on your health and well being. You could get there on your own, or you could get there more effectivily using a catalyst to help you heal. 

 We will discuss your requirements for moving forward together and design a wellbeing package together to transform your life physically, mentally and emotionally.

Secret #1 Nourish your mind 
Understanding what you are feeding your mind is essential for sustainable health and well being. Opening up to your unconscious as well as your conscious mind is a catalyst for receiving sustainable results.

Secret #2 Nourish Your Body
Eating guilt free isn’t about being perfect. It is about nourishing your body with what it needs to stay satisfied. Any food and drink can be balanced with the flexible personalised approach of eating guilt free. The science of satisfaction ensures you get the results you desire by bringing your health and well being into alignment mentally, physically and emotionally through eating guilt free. 
Secret #3 Nourish Your Energy  
Life experiences can lower your energy and vibration. Consequently, they then have an impact on your health by triggering your central nervous alert system into survival mode. Your ability to heal becomes more challenging to sustain, and the body becomes programmed to gain weight and create symptoms. Together we create a daily self-care plan personalised to you that ensures your battery life is sustained so you can maintain the healthy life you desire. 

Nourishing Your Lifestyle Is Like Learning A Language Regardless of What Age You Are 

Once you understand that basics you can get more creative and adjust your eating to be flexible for your chosen lifestyle 

Whether your group enjoys social eating or fueling their body for sports and performance 

Catherine Sissons can cater to improving the health, well being and performance of any age group whether you want your staff to have more energy or your sports team to have better performance outcomes 

The guilt free nutritionist will demonstrate how your group can have more energy, sustained appetite, better health and consistent results 
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