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One Day Guilt Free Retreat

This luxury retreat weekend will help you relax, find balance, unwind and give you direction to achieve your health and well being goals from a place of satisfaction. 

Having a healthy body you love is a journey and this weekend will help you achieve that and keep momentum with how you feel more easily. 

Held at Montrose Estate near Mt Hutt, one hour from Christchurch, you will have the ultimate Guilt Free experience.

You will get to feel like a queen for a weekend and enjoy a break away from the daily grind in pristine surrounds, time for yourself, to laugh, to learn, to stretch, to dance, to create, to sing, to eat and indulge Guilt Free!

You will get to watch cooking demonstrations and how to create your own delicious meals that will support your health and well being throughout winter when you go home. 

There are ten spots available on this boutique retreat weekend - two of which are VIP spots. The whole weekend is hosted by Catherine Sissons with special guests Vanessa Wright and Adrianne Beddie,  

You will also connect with 9 other like minded people just like you. You can twin share with a friend, be randomly allocated a Guilt Free partner or choose to be a VIP and experience a room of your own.  

Friday 21st June

2 pm: Arrive and settle in 

3 pm: Satisfaction Welcome Session 

4 pm: Chill/relaxation time 

6 pm: Guilt Free Dinner Session

7 pm: Dinner

8 pm: Chill/relaxation time

9 pm: Meditation Session

Saturday 22nd June
8am: Guilt Free Breakfast at your leisure
9am: Yoga
11am: Guilt Free Lunch Session
12pm: Lunch
1pm: Chill/relaxation time
2pm: Guilt Free Eating Beliefs Session
3pm: Latin dance fusion
4pm: Chill/relaxation time 
6pm: Guilt Free Social Indulgence Session 
7pm: Dinner
8pm: Chill, dance, sing, dress up, relax   

Sunday 23rd June

7-8 am Guilt Free Breakfast
10 am Check Out - Drive back to Christchurch   

Guilt Free Dining & Cooking Demonstrations 

Your meals are included and will have the opportunity to watch guilt free cooking demonstrations as well as learning how to eat Guilt Free. You will learn how to balance meals and simplify cooking for a busy lifestyle when you get back home. The Guilt Free meals will use seasonal produce so that they keep you satisfied for longer during the cooler months. 
This retreat is like no other - with a focus on indulging and enjoying in a  luxury setting

Relax & Unwind in Nature

The retreat is based on Montrose Estate, a 760 Hectare property in the middle of paradise. There will be plenty of time to relax, read or explore the property. This also a hot tub that will be frequented throughout the weekend. You can view the accomodation here

Guilt Free Movement Sessions

Adriann Beddie from Dance to be Free will be joining us to help us cut loose and have fun on the dance floor. His easy moves, non partner style routines and amazing teaching style will have you feeling like you should be on the next Dancing with Stars. He will also dress up for some evening entertainment on Saturday night so we can kick back or dance into the evening. 

Vanessa Wright from Yoganess will also be joining us to step us through a morning yoga session after breakfast. Vanessa is incredible at teaching you how to stretch and move your body so that you feel in alignment. Ness is very good at introducing beginners into yoga too. 

Guilt Free Beliefs & Mindfulness 

Eating guilt free means to balance your health and wellbeing nutritionally, physically and mentally. In these sessions you will learn all about how your beliefs determine your outcomes. You will gain insight into how your food beliefs got formed and how to shift them so that you can say good bye to diets and sustain eating guilt free permanently. 

Twin Share:
1x king single beds (sharing room with one other person)

1x 30 minute follow up session with The Guilt Free Nutritionist

6x Guilt Free seminar sessions
1x morning yoga session
1x afternoon Latin dance session

All meals breakfast, lunch and dinner
(bring your own snacks if you eat them) 

4 spaces available

$1495 NZD per person or/

Payment plan per person:
1x $595 NZD non refundable deposit PLUS 
2x $595 NZD before 15th of June 2019 

VIP Package:
1x exclusively private room for yourself to enjoy
1x four week recharge consultation package with Catherine Sissons - The Guilt Free Nutritionist - following the retreat
(2x 30 minute sessions, daily follow up for four weeks)
6x Guilt Free seminar sessions
1x morning yoga session
1x afternoon Latin dance session.
All meals breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

2 spaces available

$1995 NZD per VIP or/
Payment plan per VIP placement:

1x $795 NZD non refundable deposit PLUS 
2x $795 NZD before 15th of June 2019 

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