Are you tired of wondering what is 'right' to eat? 

A Guilt Free eating consultation truly takes the thinking (literally) out of what is right to eat for you. You will learn how to apply eating guilt free to your way of eating so that you feel fuller for longer, boost your energy, shed any unwanted body fat and create a healthy relationship with your health and well being that you get to KEEP!

In your initial session you will speak with Catherine Sissons - Qualified Nutritionist and Well being Mentor with over 14 years health and well being coaching experience. You get to simplify the way that you eat so that you don't need to cut out food groups and get to still eat the food you love. 


It is such a balanced approach to eating your whole family's health will benefit from you learning what your meals are missing. Thats the trick - so many clients are focusing on depriving themselves in order to get a result rather than how to make their meals more satisfying so their body can heal and be healthy. 


After your initial session depending on what you would like to achieve with eating guilt free will determine what level of service you need. You could work with Catherine weekly to work towards your desired result or if you have a tight budget you might prefer to address your family meal planning so that you save money on your food shop. 


Guilt Free Eating Consultation

Catherine will show you how to eat and nourish your well being each day.

You will learn how to balance all the food you love and be healthy. 

Whether you want to lose weight for good health or hand over your meal planning to the professional so you and your family are satisfied for longer you have landed on the right page.  

Your personal consultation with The Guilt Free Nutritionist is held via video chat where you are!  


In the days leading up to your session with Catherine you will be in direct contact with her via messenger so you can share what you currently eat and where you are at.  The session will teach you what you need to get where you need to go and whether that is working privately for four weeks or becoming a foodie in the guilt free food school community.   

The main result you will experience working with Catherine is removing the overwhelm about what to eat and satisfying your health and well being each day. Other results from being coached by Catherine over a longer period of time include releasing body excess body weight, having a better nights sleep, reduced bloating, creating a healthy relationship with eating and never needing to 'watch what you eat'  ever again.  

Guilt Free foodies have found the following bonuses of eating guilt free:


  1. Gaining control over your life. 

  2. Create a healthy body you love

  3. Improving confidence and self esteem

  4. Put enjoyment back into eating.

  5. Balance your blood sugars and reducing Cholesterol.

  6. Decreasing blood pressure 

  7. Reversing type 2 diabetes 

  8. Having consistent energy throughout the day. 

  9. Reduce centimetres from your waistline.

  10. Reduce the bloated feeling after meals.

  11. No longer craving sugars between or after meals.

  12. Eat the food you love and stay healthy. 

  13. Improve your overall well being.

  14. Be healthy role model to your children.

“I love how simple guilt free eating is for my whole family to experience.” 


Mother of three

Auckland, NZ

I wanted to work with Catherine and learn how to nourish my lifestyle and eat guilt free because I wanted to find an approach of taking better care of myself that would last. Once I learned the science of satisfaction and


Catherine taught me how to adjust the formula to meet my lifestyle needs I began feeling better almost instantly. I had more energy and felt in control of my eating within a matter of weeks. One bonus I didn't account for before working with Catherine was her wealth of knowledge on how to simplify eating for real life.

The benefits I have gained from learning how to nourish my lifestyle and eat guilt free include fantastic energy, improved health and fitness AND the mindset around eating that has flowed onto every other aspect of my life. As a by product of all of this weight loss also has happened without the push and effort of diets or programmes that I had tried before. ​

I deal with stress better and now I know how to eat when life shows up and decides to throw me a curve ball. I work full time as well as being a mother to three growing teenagers so life can get pretty hectic. It is so nice knowing that my whole family benefits from the consultations I have done with Catherine. I am so pleased I can teach my kids the same principles of self care so my daughter never will do a diet throughout her life.

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