The Book

Wet Your Appetite
The Secret to Eating Guilt Free

Are you tired of failing at diets and having an ON/OFF approach to your healthy eating?

Get your copy of my book and start to learn how to nourish your lifestyle and finally eat guilt free.

Paper back copies are now sold out and will be released with Amazon print on demand later in 2019. In the meantime you can save the environment and read your electronic copy when you join the guilt free food school for 30 days click below.

Are you feeling stuck with eating and feeling guilty when you crave sugars wishing you had more willpower?


Then this book will be your most helpful tool so that you NEVER HAVE TO DIET or FOLLOW A PROGRAMME AGAIN! ​

  • Learn why eating clean won't work long term ​

  • Understand why you crave sugars and how to curb them ​

  • Realise you can have your cake or sweet food (if you wish to) without unhealthy consequences ​

  • Learn how to eat the food you like and still have energy ​

  • Have less requirement to snack between meals ​

  • Stop the constant thinking about food between your meals ​

  • Cook just one meal for dinner for everyone at your place ​

  • Have a new sense of freedom about how you eat

As Seen on TV! During the book launch was interviewed on TV3's The Cafe

Wet Your Appetite - as the name suggests is about finding your secret to satisfaction mentally (your relationship with eating), physically (your nutrient requirements) and biochemically (balancing your blood sugars). ​


The name is deliberate because it is based around your body being two thirds water and how to keep your body in fluid balance at the same time as feeling satisfied from what you eat. ​ ​


Here is a break down of the four key chapters to the satisfaction science: ​


Chapter One: N is Natural. Who are you, what is your eating personality and where do your natural beliefs about food come from? How has the weight loss industry shaped your self esteem and created a barrier to eating guilt free? ​


Chapter Two: O is for Optimal. What do you need to eat for ulitimate satisfaction from your meals? The science of satisfaction formula outlined including the foods you need to put together to feel ultimately satisfied. ​


Chapter Three: V is for Versatile. How your lifestyle barriers can compromise the science of satisfaction and how to navigate around them. ​


Chapter Four: A is for Adjustable. Strategies for adjusting the science of satisfaction to different social situations so that you can still have your cake/dessert/alcohol/dining out/eating with friends or buying your meals without the unhealthy consequences. ​


This book outlines how the health and wellness industry has caused failure in sustainable healthy eating and healthy body image.


Satisfaction starts with how you 'Wet Your Appetite' (not Whet Your Appetite) based on the water content of your food and then builds in the other foods you need to keep you feeling fuller for longer.  ​

A way of eating that is so simple it is childsplay! 

Wet Your Appetite is currently SOLD OUT IN PAPERBACK however you can read the electronic version when you join teh Guilt Free Food School and get the Satisfy Cook Book free. 

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