In the spirit of Christmas this week I am talking about the nurturing side of the festive season.

Isn’t it interesting that we hear the word “Christmas” and whether we are religious or not we all go into a state of panic that our 2018 to do lists are not complete?


The spirit of Christmas is a wonderful time for the magic of belief!

Believing the story of Santa is much like believing in anything. Once enough people are all on the band wagon it becomes normal even if there is really no proof. Very much like the placebo effect when...

Have you ever noticed you can eat healthy meals but those little self sabotage moments still seem to derail you at certain times?


They are so annoying aren’t they?

You just seem to be gaining some momentum of feeling better, less bloated then along comes a cold snap...

This week I had a question from one of my clients who felt like she had failed because she didn't eat perfectly and made a food choice that was wrong. 

It got me thinking how easy it is to become derailed when we are heading towards our goals. It also reminded me how...

In the south we think of BBQ’s, shared eating, relaxing in the sun and enjoying time near water and recharging while our northern hemisphere counterparts are focusing on warming up by closing down and going into hibernation mode.

The common denominator at this time of y...

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