What I have observed over my years of advising and teaching hundreds of people of all ages is that there seems to be two distinct definitions around people who like food.

The first group love food for the flavour, taste, social element and the joy it brings to their tas...

Healthy eating is painted as black and white – right or wrong, good or bad.

No surprise – guilt follows when your eating doesn’t fit the ‘right’ box.

In reality (and literally) food is full of colour, diversity, culture, taste and flavour. So why has the health and welln...

The start of the year is a time when we take stock of where we are at in life and how we feel in our bodies. It is often the time we embark on giving something NEW a go and getting rid of things that no longer have a purpose in our life.

This year I invite you to look a...

It is the time of year where the media will bombard your newspapers, and social media news feeds of bikini bodies and Christmas bulging stomachs in order to motivate you out of your old ways of the current year and into the new year.

It has been happening for decad...

It is challenging to be healthy when you are on holiday with your family and friends and you don't have control over all the food you eat. Here is the strategy for you to use throughout the holidays so that you can eat the food you love guilt free.

The definition of det...

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