The month of May brings us a shift in the seasons and a cool change.

Not just in temperature but also in the way that we eat.   

As the temperature drops we are start to layer up the clothing as we feel colder and prefer to eat comfort foods.

Food changes from f...

Have you ever wondered why you derail and feel like unhealthy food? 

It is usually an emotional response to feeling in lack. When we feel fear, anger, loss, separation, frustration and grief it is natural to feel a sense of being out of control.

Our natural path o...

Eating is one part of life we can’t get away from.

Food is fuel,

it is nourishment and it is also what can nurture us.

I had consulted as a nutritionist for five years when I unexpectedly fell pregnant. with Charlie. 

I knew that the path ahead would be a challengi...

Imagine how it would feel to eat your favourite food and never to feel guilty about it again!

There seems to be polarities when it comes to our eating that to be healthy you need to be good, eat what is 'right’ and stay disciplined. There is a perception that we need...

In my experience of coaching over the past twelve years, the most difficult meal people find to balance (and sometimes even eat) is lunch. Feeling time pressured usually results in grabbing food on the run. However for many people, it's not only costing the wallet, it'...

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