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My Secret to Eating Guilt Free

I had been coaching people how to optimise their health and well being for over ten years.


I also watched my own mother when I was a little girl battle sticking to diets because society said that is what you do to get your body back after having children. 

It was for this reason I never did a diet however went on a life quest of what it meant to be healthy mentally, physically and emotionally.

It never really resonated how challenging it is to stay healthy across those three dimensions as a parent until I became a solo mother myself.

All the health advice about cutting out sugar, eating low fat, removing food groups soon become irrelevant when you are in survival mode while making ends meet financially. 

Catherine Sissons
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I always have been fascinated by food ever since I was a child. I used to meal plan in my school canteen as a teenager and had a number of food service roles while I studied Human Nutrition at the University of Otago 17 years ago. 

However the true learning how human behaviour impacts our health and well being didn’t truly arrive until I unexpectedly fell pregnant with my son, Charlie in 2014.


I had been a nutritionist for eight years, building my own clinic in Auckland over five years.

I had been helping people improve their health sustainably and removing the need to diet altogether, however there was a missing piece.


I didn’t truly understand the influence of our emotions on the sustainability of our health.

In 2014, I was to enter a four year learning curve that will test me mentally, physically and emotionally.

The emotional component was an integral part of the health and well being equation something no university or learning institution can teach until you go through it first hand.

It was at this time I realised how much we can attach guilt to how we eat (and live). Feeling exhausted from what our children (and life) throws at us is a quick way to find out what works and what no longer serves us.

I noticed that I naturally felt like sugar when things became chaotic and out of my control after having Charlie something I hadn’t experience before being a mother. 

This is why I become The Guilt Free Nutritionist.


It made me realise how our life can impact the way that we eat and then this also affects our mood, our energy and ability to get through the day. It also became obvious that calorie counting, following a diet or any guide for that matter gets thrown out the window when we are not feeling good.

I realised what busy people like myself needed for eating well was a solution that was simple, easy and sustainable.

Part of the sustainability of eating when you have a family is the cost of food.

I had been advising people professionally for five years how to be healthy. In reality though when we are busy and stressed it is hard to think about what to create in a balanced meal.

This is why I created The Guilt Free Food School. A place to take the hassle out of what to eat. Save time in the kitchen, save dollars on the food shop and save your health and well being. 

The Guilt Free recipes are structured so that you have the energy you need to get through your day. The recipes are all desgin with the same formula so that when you feel satisfied you can be healthy, release body weight or any other desire you have from feeling better. 

The Guilt Free recipes are so flexible they can be adjusted for people with dietary requirements such as gluten free, dairy free, nut free and vegetarians. The recipes help nourish everyone you feed from the inside out and you can ask about adjusting your recipes for the dietary requirements of everyone at your place - especially the little people in the food school or during your consultation. 

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