The Secret to Eating Guilt Free

Going to the gym, jumping on a 30 day challenge and doing a detox will help you shed body fat, decrease the bloat and improve your health short term but what is the point if you can't sustain that new way of eating?

Eating Guilt Free shows you how to satisfy your appetite and nourish your lifestyle so you don't ever have to miss out on the food that you love to eat.

In my opinion the health and wellness industry has over complicated the 'right' and 'wrong' when it comes to what we eat and it leaves you feeling guilty when you eat the food that is full of flavour and tastes great!

If you want to feel lighter, heal your body or simply just feel fuller for longer and have more energy then you have landed here for a reason.

No counting calories, overthinking or diet analysis.

Simply by eating four key elements in your meals you will feel more satisfied and graze less on food throughout the day. 

Guilt Free eating balances your health and well being so that you are satisfied nutritionally, physically and emotionally throughout the day.

It enables your body to heal so that you optimise your health and well being in a way that can be sustained and also taught to other family members. 

You will learn to eat intuitively, improve your health and love your body so that no longer dread the mirror or having your photograph taken.

Eating Guilt Free also allows you to eat the food that makes your taste buds sing no longer feeling guilty when you eat that divine cake or scrumptious baking.   

Once you have aligned your eating, your health and your well being by eating guilt free any unwanted body weight gets released. 

I help you navigate any blocks along the way so you can keep up progress with creating a body (and life) you love.

If you’re ready to find a solution to your health and well being that is sustainable and family friendly come and book a 30 minute video consultation with me - The Guilt Free Nutritionist and during Spring you will also receive 30 days FREE in the Guilt Free Food School private support group.  

I look forward to meeting you online soon! 

The Secret To Eating Guilt Free 
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“I love how simple the guilt free eating is to cook for my whole family without doing a diet.” 



West Auckland, NZ

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  • Boost Your Energy with Breakfast

  • Feel fuller for longer with Lunch

  • Create easy delicious dinners

  • Simplify cooking at your place

  • Curb Your Sugar Cravings

  • Ditch the diets

  • No more calorie counting 

  • Recipes adjustable for gluten free, dairy free and vegetarians in the same meal 

  • Remove feeling guilty from how you eat so you can stay healthy and feel better. 

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